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     1= Using RSS with Trac =
     2Several of the Trac modules support content syndication using the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) XML format.
     3Using the RSS subscription feature in Trac, you can easily monitor progress of the project, a set of issues or even changes to a single file .
     5Trac supports RSS feeds in:
     7 * TracTimeline --  Use the RSS feed to '''subscribe to project events'''.[[br]]Monitor overall project progress in your favorite RSS reader.
     8 * TracReports -- Allows syndication of report results.[[br]]Be notified about important and relevant issue tickets.
     9 * TracBrowser -- Syndication of file changes.[[br]]Stay up to date with changes to a specific file.
     11== How to access RSS data ==
     12Anywhere in Trac where RSS is available, you should find a small orange 'XML' icon, typically at the bottom of the page. Clicking the icon will access the RSS feed for that specific module.
     14'''Note:''' Different modules provide different data in their RSS feeds. Usually, the syndicated information corresponds to the current view. For example, if you click the RSS link on a report page, the feed will be based on that report. It might be explained by thinking of the RSS feeds as an ''alternate view of the data currently displayed''.
     16== Links ==
     17 * -- RSS 2.0 Specification
     18 * -- RSS Reader Panel for Mozilla Firefox
     21See also: TracGuide, TracTimeline, TracReports, TracBrowser