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Trac Logging

Trac supports logging of system messages using the standard logging module part of Python 2.3 and newer.

Supported Methods

  • none -- Suppress all log messages.
  • file -- Log messages to a file, specified in the configuration? (Using the log_file directive in trac.ini).
  • stderr -- Output all log entries to console. (tracd only)
  • syslog -- (UNIX) Send messages to local syslogd via named pipe '/dev/log'.
  • winlog -- (Windows) Use the system's NT eventlog for Trac logging.

Log Levels

The level of verbosity of logged messages can be set using the log_level directive in trac.ini. The log level defines the minimum level of urgency required for a message to be logged.

The levels are:

  • CRITICAL -- Log only the most critical, typically fatal, messages.
  • ERROR -- Request failures, bugs and errors.
  • WARN -- Warnings, non-interrupting events.
  • INFO -- Diagnostic information, log information about all requests.
  • DEBUG -- Development messages, profiling, etc. Not for public consumption.

See also: TracIni, TracGuide