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The Trac Browser

Directory entries are displayed in a list with sortable columns. The list entries can be sorted by name, size or date by clicking on the column headers. The sorting order can be reversed by clicking on a given column header again.

The browser can be used to navigate through the directory structure by clicking on the directory names. Clicking on filenames on the other hand will display the files change log.

It's also possible to browse directories as they were at any given repository revision. The default behavior is to use the information from the latest revision but another revision can easily be selected using the form at the top of the page.

RSS Support

The browser module supports RSS 2.0 syndication of changes to a single file. To subscribe to an RSS version of the revision log for a file, open a file log in the browser, and click the orange 'XML' icon at the bottom of the page. See TracRss for more information on RSS support in Trac.

See also: TracGuide, TracChangeset