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1.10 updates

  • CDN still not updated by Google
  • Dylan still needs to update the site content (mobile images, 1.10 in use on site, tutorials/downloads to use CDN once Google gets their act together)
  • A few regressions have been fixed, plan for a 1.10.1 in July?

Dojo community day

  • The Dojo community day is on July 5th in Brugg, Switzerland. There will be time for hacking on Dojo. If you have any suggestions on things new people might contribute to, please send them to Dylan ( I have a list already, but would appreciate more suggestions )

DOH to Intern conversion

Intern 2

Intern 2 was released this week, with a number of major enhancements that should make working with various Selenium Drivers far less error prone. It also has a bunch of JSDoc generated documentation.