Dojo 1.8.2

  • Declare Timeline?
    • Need to factor in IE10 on W7
    • Need to triage IE10 defects to see if they are "valid"
    • Not inclined to fix everything in IE10 that wasn't working in IE9

Windows IE10, Windows Phone

  • Support RT? Support WP8?
  • Normalise IE10 touch events via dojo/touch - Eric to start

Dojo 1.9

Dojo 2.0

  • jQuery
  • Points from Dojo Toolkit 2.0 Packages and Distributions
    • How should the packaging extend the toolchain? (cjolif)
    • Should the loader be independent from the core? (apeller)
    • How to we "absorb" CLAs from contributed code? (cjolif, apeller, kitsonk)
  • Package Management - kitsonk working on requirements
  • DojoX Decomposition - Start breaking apart?
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