1.8.2 and IE10

  • IE10 GA
    • Should we plan 1.8.2 and backporting?
    • Has there been any "big" issues with IE10?


  • Pick the weekends (Carried over)



  • Packages and Distributions
    • Should the Loader be Separate from Core? (peller)
      • Will RequireJS/Dojo Loader merge for 2.0? (rawld, jburke)
    • Should packages be allowed to augment the toolchain (e.g. express a custom builder transform)? (cjolif)
    • Should committers for core be separate from committers for Toolkit packages? (peller)
    • How do we "adopt" other code and ensure it is clean from a CLA perspective? (cjolif, kitsonk, peller)
    • Should Toolkit packages support the same user agents and versions as core? (cjolif)
  • Testing
    • Adoption of WebDriver instead of robot?
    • Who has the time/bandwidth to do proper evaluation of testing frameworks compared to D.O.H.?
  • DOM manipulation for Dojo 2.0?
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