• Bug Report
  • Any compelling event yet?
  • Hold for IE10 fixes
  • Mark all IE10 defects for 1.8.2 milestone


  • Doc-O-Thon Weekend - Carry forward


  • Release Planning Document goes "final" on Friday.
  • Owner for fixing dojo/store/Observable? Hold for 2.0
  • Owner for IE10 fixes?
  • Any other candidate/proposed scope?
    • dojo/parser support relative MIDs for Dijit templates


  • Packages and Distributions
    • Should the Loader be Separate from Core? (peller)
      • rawld and jburke to discuss merging of Dojo loader/builder and RequireJS, this will help inform the structure of core
      • Updates to how core relates and other parts of the packages to be clarified by kitsonk in document
    • Should packages be allowed to augment the toolchain (e.g. express a custom builder transform)? (cjolif) Carry forward
    • Code for Dojo 2.0 will be licensed under New BSD only. AFL will be abandoned for Dojo 2.0. (as per dylanks)
    • Should committers for core be separate from committers for Toolkit packages? (peller) Carry forward
    • How do we "adopt" other code and ensure it is clean from a CLA perspective? (cjolif, kitsonk, peller) Carry forward
  • Discussion on adoption of WebDriver for "robot" functions in Dojo 2.0, but testing toolchain needs a proper evaluation
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