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Dojo 1.8 Beta

  • dojo/promise - reporting errors
  • dojo/request - will 1.8 modules be updated to use it? or forget it until 2.0?
  • Doc Parser
    • updates to dojo files
      • Eric's Team (Damien?): dojox/mobile, dojox/css3, dojox/dgauges
      • Christophe: dojox/charting, dojox/calendar, dojox/treemap, dojox/color, dojox/date
      • Patrick: dojox/gfx, dojox/geo, dojox/dtl
      • Ed: dojox/analytics, dojox/mvc, dojox/app
      • Michael: dojox/data, dojox/editor, dojox/form, dojox/layout, dojox/widget. Please note that some classes in there might not be AMD yet and so won't work. That is "expected".
  • remove dojox/cometd?
  • parser error reporting?
  • webkitMobile build profile broken
  • anything else?

1.8 Release