Weekly Team Meeting 2013-03-07

  1. restoring the "1.6 and earlier" reference guide that used to be at - resolution: snover promised to do this
  2. drop pre-AMD examples from doc? - resolution: yes, from the master (aka 1.8) branch

2.5. instructions for doc marathon this weekend (, need more?) - resolution: bill will send mail

  1. doc merge/update strategy (today agreed tentatively that people should check into master and then someone will merge appropriate changes back to 1.7 - resolution: agreed
  2. should we link from reference guide to semi-external tutorials, and not repeat the info (see - resolution: agreed
  3. AMD no-globals style vs. <script type="dojo/*"> - resolution: we should not use <script type="dojo/*"> for our own new examples and document limitations and deprecation
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