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Weekly Team Meeting, 2011-07-27

  • dojo/request status (first arg removed?) - Bryan
  • dojo/Deferred status - Mark?
  • website update - Torrey
  • dojo.declare() - this.inherited() and strict mode
  • anything else on 1.8?
  • bug database enhancements

Lingering topics from a few weeks ago:

  • - block from web crawlers?
  • Nabble is broken, remove from website - Torrey
  • Bug database (use one bug database, or separate ones per project, or half-and-half). I guess we could also discuss splitting/not splitting documentation, website, etc.
  • Tarballs aka releases (going forward, which of the packages get bundled up as part of the "dojo release", i.e. what today is known as dojo 1.6, dojo 1.7, etc.)