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     1= Weekly Team Meeting, 2011-04-20 =
     3== Agenda ==
     4  * Trac protocol, re: #12786
     5  * 1.7 timeline
     6  * Docs status
     7  * open
     9== Minutes ==
     11* Phiggins lead a discussion around policy and protocol for dealing with tickets opened (and re-opened) in trac, relating to
     12There was some concern that we should encourage active and energetic newcomers, but concensus on this particular issue: the ticket was closed as a minor issue with no functional impact and no committer sponsor willing to make it happen at this time. Phiggins offered to contact the contributor directly to discuss.
     14* The existing arrangement which allows non-committers to re-open closed tickets was thought by the group to be worth keeping, despite occassional incidents like #12786
     16* Trac currently contains over 1000 "Future" tickets and around 400 TBD status tickets. Phiggins appealed for help triaging those TBD tickets. He stressed that despite the large number of "Future" tickets they should remain in place for consideration - each was deemed valid and represents potentially good ideas and improvements when someone has the time to get to them
     18* 1.6.1 The 1.6 branch is ready for a pre-release of 1.6.1, and Peller indicated it should be available by Monday
     20* Uhop reported that the gantt Dojox module is broken in trunk. Peller has asked the comitting dev (Jason) to look into it.
     22* Phiggins reported work on the docs parser progress - it doesn't currently parse the AMD formatted modules fully. He is putting unit tests in place to track the existing parser's capabilities and help narrow down on the current issues
     24* Phiggins reported that the work to migrate away from and the MoinMoin wiki to house the content in version control (GitHub) is nearing completion (Dustin).
     26* in 1.7, chrism1 is committing gfx and charting patches - these have been reviewed and approved by uhop
     28* Tentative dates for 1.7: feature freeze....
     30(meeting still in progress)