Mar 14, 2017:

7:04 PM Ticket #18990 (Building on a system with an unsupported Java version fails silently) created by Neil Roberts
The spawned process in build/transforms/optimizer/sendJob.js that runs …
5:08 PM Ticket #18989 (`dojox/widget/Rotator#destroy` attempts to destroy non-existent handler) created by mwistrand
When calling destroy on instances of dojox/widget/Rotator, an …

Mar 13, 2017:

9:41 PM Ticket #18988 ((1.12.2) dojox.charting.plot2d.Pie ignores `radius` and 0 plot values.) created by mwistrand
When rendering a chart with options.label set to true, and with …

Mar 10, 2017:

3:02 PM Ticket #18987 (Inconsistent drag and drop behavior in different browsers for dijit ...) created by erotavlas
Given a custom widget whose template looks like this <div …

Mar 8, 2017:

5:25 PM Ticket #18986 (DnD source prevent text selection when handles are being used.) created by denovichas
onSelectStart() in Container.js doesn't not check for the use of …

Mar 6, 2017:

12:05 PM Ticket #18985 (Internet Explorer 9 gives the following error: 'ArrayBuffer' is undefined) closed by dylan
duplicate: This was fixed in …
10:37 AM Ticket #18985 (Internet Explorer 9 gives the following error: 'ArrayBuffer' is undefined) created by sefturan
This happens on line 125 in dojo\request\util.js: […]

Mar 5, 2017:

5:05 PM Milestone 1.12.2 completed
5:05 PM Milestone 1.11.4 completed
4:55 PM Milestone 1.10.8 completed
4:55 PM Milestone 1.9.11 completed
4:23 PM Milestone 1.8.14 completed
4:23 PM Milestone 1.7.12 completed
4:23 PM Milestone 1.6.5 completed
3:59 PM Milestone 1.5.6 completed
3:59 PM Milestone 1.4.8 completed

Mar 3, 2017:

6:26 PM Ticket #18984 (Tree keydown event handling is flaky) created by donhatch
Five out of the six ways I know of to make a keydown event handler on …[…]

Feb 28, 2017:

8:15 PM Ticket #18927 (ColorPicker Hue Change does not trigger a change event) closed by dylans <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"ad7e33dbbc3c3088c5b1bb13af444c934ad61730/dojox"
8:10 PM Ticket #13268 (dojox.widget.ColorPicker does not work in IE9 or Opera 11) closed by dylans <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"4e38c3720a1084e66e45d7feaad1dc35340cb255/dojox"
8:09 PM Ticket #13268 (dojox.widget.ColorPicker does not work in IE9 or Opera 11) reopened by dylan

Feb 27, 2017:

7:48 PM Ticket #18983 (Mouse click activating DropDownButton: unable to use arrow keys for ...) created by Earl Hood
When using a mouse click a DropDownButton? that has a Menu associated …

Feb 24, 2017:

1:32 PM Ticket #18973 (dom-style regression) closed by Dylan Schiemann <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"33505b8369bea813f7916cdeda3e86b484f546b4/dojo"
1:24 PM Ticket #18982 (Remove cross-domain Flash storage) closed by dylan
fixed: * master: …
1:14 PM Ticket #18982 (Remove cross-domain Flash storage) created by dylan
Due to issues that will be explained upon release, we are removing the …
1:07 PM Ticket #17716 (dojox/gesture/tap sometimes fire exceptions) closed by dylans <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"2c8df0f63732f1164682d8ec6d9e1a733909de82/dojox"
1:04 PM Ticket #15879 (AutoRotator / Rotator cannot be destroyed) closed by dylans <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"cc13d35c5f7d340f67ae48e529fa5678e20ca675/dojox"
1:03 PM Ticket #15879 (AutoRotator / Rotator cannot be destroyed) reopened by dylan

Feb 22, 2017:

10:26 PM Ticket #17716 (dojox/gesture/tap sometimes fire exceptions) reopened by dylan
7:40 PM Ticket #18981 (Child popup closes parent popup when mouse left click duration reaches ...) created by dylan
Received this issue via email as trac was flagging it as spam: Inside …

Feb 21, 2017:

11:05 PM Ticket #18980 (dojox.grid._SelectionPreserver loses selection when reselecting a row) created by rlintern
To reproduce: 1. Create a sortable DataGrid? with keepSelection=true. …
8:58 PM Ticket #18979 (Possible star mapping build regression) created by dylan
I received a report of an issue in Dojo 1.11.x and newer with star …
6:35 PM Ticket #18978 (request/util/deepCopy does not handle Date objects correctly) created by Michael Schall
When calling util.deepCopy properties of type Date do not get copied. …
5:03 AM Ticket #18977 (Tree and wipeIn/wipeOut-based Toggler anim erratic when started while ...) created by donhatch
Tree behaves erratically (that is, the animation jumps in various …

Feb 17, 2017:

8:00 AM Ticket #18976 (Permission denied to access property "getComputedStyle") created by GibboK
Bug related to …[…]

Feb 16, 2017:

12:00 PM Ticket #18965 (Chrome 55 pointer events - TooltipDialog with Select closes when ...) closed by dylans <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"309ca5e2ac313b4115dd6c25d8f6c79947ffec85/dijit"
9:41 AM Ticket #18975 (Horizontal slider not working on latest mobile chrome) created by Krxldfx
The Horizontal Slider (+ supposedly other sliders) is not slideable on …

Feb 15, 2017:

8:02 PM Ticket #18974 (Closure compiler does not fail when encountering JS errors) created by rmaccracken
When our JS code has an error, such as a trailing comma, the closure …
4:35 PM Ticket #18973 (dom-style regression) created by dylan
Per two reports on the mailing list: From Jan Misker: I noticed a …
3:50 PM Ticket #18895 (Deprecated attempt to access property 'changedTouches' on a ...) closed by Dylan Schiemann <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"dba041bb844872257bc0327d195468815ef00f78/dojo"

Feb 14, 2017:

3:10 AM Ticket #18972 (In LinkDialog, slash(/) is not allowed in query part) created by enakatani
In LinkDialog?, if URL contains slash(/) in query part(after ?), …
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