Jan 6, 2017:

4:33 PM Ticket #18952 (Rendering dtl template problem) created by pinguxx
in _base.js there is a new code on line 551 in the render function …

Jan 4, 2017:

11:13 PM Ticket #18951 (Error parsing dtl templates) created by pinguxx
A widget with a dtl template that has widgets inside and loads …
12:33 PM Ticket #18950 (Checkboxes are not working right (Chrome 55)) created by himanshug
HTML Checkboxes in a widget (Title bar of Title Pane) and dijit …

Dec 29, 2016:

4:17 PM Ticket #18949 (Select-Tag doesn't show Options, because it gets prevented (by ...) created by swiper
dojox/gesture/Base.js ln:268 <select>-Tag is missing in following …
7:22 AM Ticket #18948 (dojox.form.uploader oncomplete event.) closed by dylan
4:21 AM Ticket #18948 (dojox.form.uploader oncomplete event.) created by vtsuper
dojox.form.uploader seems only works with connect() & …

Dec 28, 2016:

6:37 AM Ticket #18946 (dojox/form/_BusyButtonMixin Does Not Define 'domConstruct') closed by dylan
duplicate: Thanks, this has already been fixed in …
5:16 AM Ticket #18947 (select all method on dojox.form.CheckedMultiSelect) created by vtsuper
I extended the dojox.form.CheckedMultiSelect? and create a select all …

Dec 27, 2016:

6:46 PM Ticket #18946 (dojox/form/_BusyButtonMixin Does Not Define 'domConstruct') created by rpwkDojo
In dojox/form/_BusyButtonMixin, function 'setLabel' uses variable …
12:49 PM Ticket #18945 (build.dojotoolkit.org -> offline) created by whonotes
Hi there build.dojotoolkit.org is offline since a long time, does …

Dec 26, 2016:

7:38 AM Ticket #18944 (Add feature test for MS Pointer Events) closed by dylan
duplicate: Never mind, we seem to already have this in …
7:37 AM Ticket #18944 (Add feature test for MS Pointer Events) created by dylan
To properly differentiate between IE10 and other pointer events …

Dec 24, 2016:

2:41 PM Ticket #18926 (In dojox/dtl counter0 not count from 0 (zero) but return empty - DOJO ...) closed by trac-o-bot
invalid: Because we get so many tickets, we often need to return them to the …

Dec 23, 2016:

2:07 PM Ticket #18943 ([regression] dojo/util parseArgs breaking on IE8) created by yohanleafheart
This is a regression from ticket …

Dec 21, 2016:

6:47 PM Ticket #18804 (Missing icon for expando node in flat theme) closed by dylan
5:15 PM Ticket #18808 ([Regression] In 1.10 branch test of JSONRest store fails in all browser.) closed by dylan
5:15 PM Ticket #18809 ([Regression] In 1.10 branch test of dojo/_base/lang fails in all browsers.) closed by dylan

Dec 20, 2016:

8:14 PM Ticket #18942 (splice operations in gfx/shape's children array are non-performant in ...) reopened by Neil Roberts
8:10 PM Ticket #18942 (splice operations in gfx/shape's children array are non-performant in ...) closed by Neil Roberts <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"b4bab647f6bfee865a59006344363c6b64acaa9d/dojox"
8:04 PM Ticket #18942 (splice operations in gfx/shape's children array are non-performant in ...) created by Neil Roberts
When there are a large number shapes in the children array and a large …
4:00 PM Milestone 1.12.1 completed
3:14 PM Milestone 1.12 completed
11:19 AM Ticket #18941 (charting: show markers on grid chart) closed by dylan

Dec 19, 2016:

1:17 PM Ticket #18941 (charting: show markers on grid chart) created by split
Currently the grid chart ignore "markers: true" option. However when …
2:13 AM Ticket #18940 (Error on programatticaly load of dojox.charting.widget.chart) created by disertum

Dec 18, 2016:

1:00 PM Ticket #18907 (Possible Content Security Policy violations) closed by dylan
fixed: This has been fixed for 1.12 which will be released this week. …
12:53 PM Milestone 1.11.3 completed
12:53 PM Milestone 1.10.7 completed
12:53 PM Milestone 1.4.7 completed
12:52 PM Milestone 1.6.4 completed
12:52 PM Milestone 1.5.5 completed
12:24 PM Milestone 1.9.10 completed
12:24 PM Milestone 1.8.13 completed
12:24 PM Milestone 1.7.11 completed
12:14 PM Ticket #18939 (Dojo 1.12 release notes) created by dylan
Update 1.12 release notes with key changes and details from bugs fixed …
12:10 PM Ticket #18919 (using latest closure compiler breaks build) closed by dylan

Dec 16, 2016:

6:21 AM Ticket #18938 (dijit/form/TimeTextBox slow in Chrome) created by smwltr
It's always slow, but it becomes unusable when attribute 'min' is …

Dec 15, 2016:

12:39 AM Ticket #18937 (Dojox color picker hue selector calculating click event coordinates wrong.) created by IanBrown
in Dojox/Widget/ColorPicker?.js :: _setHuePoint(event) the resulting …

Dec 13, 2016:

9:21 PM Ticket #18936 (dijit/popup scrollbar IE) created by dylan
The following was reported on dojo-interest, adding a ticket to remind …

Dec 11, 2016:

12:54 PM Milestone 1.12.0-rc3 completed
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