Sep 27, 2016:

11:47 PM Ticket #18796 (dojox/calendar/ViewBase doesn't respect dateClassObj) closed by dylan
11:00 PM Ticket #18894 (EnterKeyHandling forgets line indentation upon new line) created by mdolden
When in DIV mode the enterkeyhandling forgets line indentation upon …
10:53 PM Ticket #18863 (Deprecation of xhr sync impacts sync loader) closed by dylan
wontfix: sync xhr is not being removed by any browser at this time (even though …
5:50 AM Ticket #18893 (deprecated KeyboardEvent methods (Chrome)) closed by bill
wontfix: OK, don't be afraid. Once keyIdentifier is removed, that warning will …

Sep 23, 2016:

3:30 PM Ticket #18893 (deprecated KeyboardEvent methods (Chrome)) created by awallat
In Chrome I get one of these warnings, when using a ValidationTextBox?: …

Sep 21, 2016:

4:50 PM Ticket #18892 (_MenuBase.passivePopupDelay causes click event to fire on non-popup ...) created by kloppstrumpf
Given the name of the passivePopupDelay property, this option should …

Sep 16, 2016:

2:38 PM Ticket #18839 (dijit/place.around() calculates position of an "around" Node ...) closed by trac-o-bot
invalid: Because we get so many tickets, we often need to return them to the …

Sep 15, 2016:

6:06 AM Ticket #18891 (Allow comments in templates) created by artclifford
This is likely related to: https://bugs.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/5456 A …

Sep 13, 2016:

1:10 PM Ticket #18890 (Applying * { max-width:100%; } causes IE to render many objects with ...) created by toja83
How to trigger the bug. Create bellow class, and use that one. Open in …

Sep 8, 2016:

7:37 AM Ticket #18889 (New Mastercard card number ranges) created by Robert Coup

Sep 7, 2016:

4:49 PM Ticket #18410 ([patch][cla] dojox/charting/plot2d/Indicator `text` node dimensions ...) closed by dylan
fixed: It looks like the underlying Firefox issue was also fixed, so I think …
12:38 AM Ticket #18888 (BackgroundIframe not enabled for IE11/Win10) created by Earl Hood
The BackgroundIframe? is not enabled for IE11 under Windows 10 …

Sep 6, 2016:

1:33 PM Ticket #18883 (StatefulArray.watchElements provide inconsistent argiments values ...) closed by Michael Van Sickle <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"8d4249b236b8a7fd3027ec65a4bd324ed2bdcfb4/dojox"
12:10 PM Ticket #18838 (Dojo Drag and Drop does not work on specifically Windows 10 IE11) closed by Michael Van Sickle <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"c72fe983904c589465ed058d28ee55f4c0b12993/dojo"

Sep 2, 2016:

10:47 PM Ticket #18835 (blur/focus events does not fire in IE on few cases.) closed by bill
wontfix: Yah, I agree, I don't think this is something that we can "fix". …

Sep 1, 2016:

12:36 PM Ticket #15660 (dojo/store/Memory: make put() support "parent" and "before" options) reopened by dylan

Aug 31, 2016:

7:59 AM Ticket #18887 (toggle function for dom-attr) created by art_clifford
A couple of the more used dojo capabilities I use are dom-class and …

Aug 29, 2016:

5:09 PM Ticket #18886 (Array length issues for dojox/string/BidiEngine) closed by Kitson Kelly
4:48 PM Ticket #18886 (Array length issues for dojox/string/BidiEngine) created by Kitson Kelly
There are logic errors in this code: - Arrays supposed to contain the …
3:57 PM Ticket #18880 (doh: async test and a throw in teardown makes doh crash) closed by Michael Van Sickle <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"5f4e4eff9c8488ecd6c26c5e7381fc7b763a2e8a/util"
1:24 PM Ticket #18862 (FilteringSelect does not clear value in IE in all cases) closed by Michael Van Sickle <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"bf69956bfca11183aaf6e5d131985cc8e2a2a526/dijit"
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