Jul 14, 2016:

3:51 PM Ticket #18862 (FilteringSelect does not clear value in IE in all cases) created by Michael Schall
IE (at least v11, may be earlier) has an "X" in <input type=text /> to …

Jul 12, 2016:

7:36 AM Ticket #18860 (dojo controls appearance issue in iframe in a widget based structure) closed by dylan
invalid: Your example uses very outdated approaches to Dojo, basically pre-AMD …
5:53 AM Ticket #18860 (dojo controls appearance issue in iframe in a widget based structure) created by [email protected]
dijit.form.textbox in widget based structure is appearing as single …

Jul 8, 2016:

2:28 PM Ticket #18859 (Dojo Grid issue with large datasets) created by jeetu_dev
There are multiple issues with Dojo grid when large data source is …

Jun 29, 2016:

9:27 AM Ticket #18856 (Deleting local variable) closed by Matthew Gadd <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"a97b1aef3fbc442cf0302ddb519382fcd6515c79/dojo"

Jun 28, 2016:

2:12 PM Ticket #18857 (dijit/Destroyable.destroy() breaks inheritance chain) closed by bill
wontfix: OK, thanks.

Jun 27, 2016:

12:39 PM Ticket #18857 (dijit/Destroyable.destroy() breaks inheritance chain) created by gerhard presser
it doesn't call this.inherited(arguments). if any (non) widget (e.g. …

Jun 24, 2016:

10:06 AM Ticket #18856 (Deleting local variable) created by burashka
Strange deleting local variable in module dojo/number method …

Jun 22, 2016:

8:16 AM Ticket #18855 (xhr onProgress : loaded and total are null on a builded version) created by thierry.chaudy
In xhr the onProgress method call dfd.progress(response) and fill the …

Jun 16, 2016:

2:41 PM Ticket #18853 (lose focus when navigating editable cell using tab key with enhanced grid) closed by trac-o-bot
invalid: Because we get so many tickets, we often need to return them to the …
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