May 25, 2016:

8:28 AM Ticket #18851 (Bug found in dijit.Tree. Error occurs when deleting a mouse focused ...) created by qzhong
To reproduce the bug in dojo test page: 1. Copy the attached file …

May 24, 2016:

8:37 AM Ticket #18850 (allow setting content-security-policy unsafe-eval mode via run-time ...) created by amb
It would be ideal if dojo would allow setting content-security-policy …

May 20, 2016:

6:07 PM Ticket #18849 (dijitTabPane css class not removed from TabContainer child when ...) created by fin-ger
Removing a child widget from a TabContainer? and adding this widget to …

May 19, 2016:

2:43 PM Ticket #18837 (Unable to change font size in editor (IE 11)) closed by trac-o-bot
invalid: Because we get so many tickets, we often need to return them to the …

May 18, 2016:

9:53 AM Ticket #18848 (dojox/mobile/Switch renders improperly because resize() is not called ...) created by Martin Minka
fix implemented in ticket #18353 causes that resize() is never called …
7:40 AM Ticket #18847 (dojox.grid.DataGrid Stop Working in 1.11) created by activepage
After upgrade to 1.11 all dojox.grid.DataGrid? in my aplication stop …

May 17, 2016:

12:36 PM Ticket #18846 (Issue while generating the gradient color for the plastic lighting in ...) created by rajeshuppili
I'm using dojo gfx3d library for generating 3d cylinder graphics in my …

May 16, 2016:

5:55 AM Ticket #18845 (dijit tree expand collapse functionality) created by deepakmathur110
When Dojo tree is in expand pane and any tree child element has long …

May 15, 2016:

1:09 AM Ticket #18844 (Legacy build regression?) created by babynus
I'm running large application using dojox.grid.datagrid in declarative …

May 14, 2016:

11:57 AM Ticket #18828 ([regression] "npm install" broken) closed by Dylan Schiemann <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"3b0570ca45c38447b629480d42c6bd3096c0520d/dojo"

May 13, 2016:

3:48 PM Ticket #18843 (requirejs compat with selector/_loader.js) closed by dylan
fixed: Fixed in …
3:44 PM Ticket #18843 (requirejs compat with selector/_loader.js) created by dylan
3:07 PM Ticket #18842 (declare only merges "-chains-" in mixins (not superclasses)) created by Bryan Forbes
The following code demonstrates the issue: […] The following code …
1:57 AM Ticket #18841 (Long repeated regex in ValidationTextBox causes UI to hang) created by dmgdpnk
I have a long repeated regex as input validation for a …

May 12, 2016:

2:06 AM Ticket #18840 (Calendar: add aria-label for each grid cell) created by bill
Adding an aria-label for each grid cell would make it easier for JAWS …

May 9, 2016:

3:47 PM Ticket #18816 (dojo/request/util/parseArgs() corrupts ArrayBuffer, Blob and File data ...) closed by Dylan Schiemann <[email protected]…>
fixed: In [changeset:"825332ec07566a5c32c6a879798032221b320d14/dojo"

May 6, 2016:

1:13 PM Ticket #18839 (dijit/place.around() calculates position of an "around" Node ...) created by 39dotyt
The bug is within those lines: …

May 5, 2016:

4:38 AM Ticket #18838 (Dojo Drag and Drop does not work on specifically Windows 10 IE11) created by [email protected]
The software(developed in dojo) I am working on has the feature of …

May 4, 2016:

4:47 PM Ticket #18837 (Unable to change font size in editor (IE 11)) reopened by dylan
3:21 PM Ticket #18837 (Unable to change font size in editor (IE 11)) closed by bill
worksforme: Probably Jared has an old version of the editor. I tried on …
3:08 PM Ticket #18837 (Unable to change font size in editor (IE 11)) created by enterlne
If some text is selected, and then the font size dropdown is used to …

May 2, 2016:

11:11 PM Ticket #18832 (Hiding active widget in ContentPane of TooltipDialog might close the ...) closed by bill
wontfix: > The work around for the issue is to move focus to any widget which …
11:04 PM Ticket #18833 (FilteringSelect doesn't allow multiple characters to be typed in for ...) closed by bill
fixed: This was already fixed via a18736b2d282af4666f03e33562f4ed67a86eab6. …
10:29 PM Ticket #17518 (Menu: vertical scrollbar not hidden after window height increase (IE, Edge)) closed by bill
fixed: Actually AFAICT I already fixed this in #18511, in …

Apr 28, 2016:

10:24 PM Ticket #17518 (Menu: vertical scrollbar not hidden after window height increase (IE, Edge)) reopened by bill
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