Feb 8, 2015:

1:06 PM Ticket #18484 (_organizeChildrenManually of GridContainerLite) created by gysheng
When I set isAutoOrganized of GridContainer? to false,I can't add …

Feb 7, 2015:

2:39 PM Ticket #18468 (Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of ...) closed by trac-o-bot
invalid: Because we get so many tickets, we often need to return them to the …

Feb 6, 2015:

5:01 PM Ticket #18483 (CLDR System Broken for Locales using parentLocale) created by George Sexton
Say you add en-ie to $DOJO_SRC/util/buildscripts/cldr/build.xml and …
9:54 AM Ticket #18482 (_FormSelectWidget: fix incorrect ``this`` for query error handler) closed by Bill Keese <[email protected]…>
fixed: In cf6ce0ccc10198e0160079a52c0fa1a347d1b17f/dijit: […]
1:56 AM Ticket #18482 (_FormSelectWidget: fix incorrect ``this`` for query error handler) created by bill
dijit/form/_FormSelectWidget does not properly set the this scope for …
1:20 AM Ticket #18481 (CLDR Build Broken) created by George Sexton
Ant Version: 1.9.4 Java Version: 1.8.0_40 OS OpenSuSE 13.2 Change to …

Feb 5, 2015:

3:24 PM Ticket #18480 (Windows Phone suport for dojo/app) created by oolar
Hi, I have a application based on dojo/app build with …
10:24 AM Ticket #18479 (IE10+ is momentarily unresponsive to certain mouse events after ...) created by Jason Cowley
This is a problem that has been reported in our application, but I …

Feb 3, 2015:

10:50 PM Ticket #18477 (Dojo/on causes our page to jump to the bottom of the page) closed by bill
fixed: Already fixed, see 81e1c7d6b52e2f42a3bbc8259f875bd83aaa8541 and …
6:56 PM Ticket #18478 (dojo/touch preventing mousup in IE10+) created by Nick Nisi
dojo/touch stops the mouseup event in IE10+ and instead only …
4:26 PM Ticket #18477 (Dojo/on causes our page to jump to the bottom of the page) created by cstephe
Dojo is being loaded into a metrics report page in an iframe, this …

Jan 31, 2015:

7:29 PM ProjectMeeting/2015-02-03 created by bill
12:16 AM Ticket #18476 (dojo/_base/array has [almost completely] unused variable, "u") closed by bill
wontfix: OK, I guess we should close this. I agree the variable name is …

Jan 30, 2015:

7:31 PM Ticket #18476 (dojo/_base/array has [almost completely] unused variable, "u") created by gitgrimbo
I was copying the dojo/_base/array code to implement find/findLast …
4:59 PM Ticket #18475 ([patch][cla][test] request/node does not call reject if http response ...) created by leoh
Using request/node in a node environment I would expect that if the …

Jan 29, 2015:

2:49 PM Ticket #18451 (Intern instructions are wrong for local proxy) closed by dylan
fixed: Closed via b8d59431c7240af33790afd40b94017e4e6ab96b
12:37 AM Ticket #18472 (rename class property to className) closed by bill
wontfix: Yes, probably we should have named it className, but it's named class. …

Jan 28, 2015:

8:22 PM Ticket #18474 (Fails to sniff "ie" from IE11) closed by ben hockey
duplicate: Duplicate of #18443.
5:43 PM Ticket #18474 (Fails to sniff "ie" from IE11) created by ca0v
2:01 PM Ticket #18473 ([dojo/request/xhr] LongPoll: Stop Firefox-Throbber) created by burashka
I use dojo/request/xhr for longpoll requests. In Firefox (not in IE or …

Jan 26, 2015:

2:51 PM Ticket #18448 (Consuming v1.6 nls layers with dojo 1.7+ causes unnecessary downloads ...) closed by cjolif
fixed: merged in …
1:51 PM Ticket #18472 (rename class property to className) created by [email protected]
Why dijit Button using class property instead of className? This …
1:49 PM Ticket #18471 (Select: attribute for in <label>) created by [email protected]
I want link label with widget <label for="${id}_1">Label</label> …

Jan 23, 2015:

11:08 PM Ticket #18468 (Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of ...) created by mmosttler
I am receiving this error pointing to dojo.js line 5 (of our dojo …

Jan 21, 2015:

8:25 PM Ticket #18467 (Cut/Copy/Paste in Editor Widget on Firefox no longer giving the ...) created by Ed Chatelain
It looks like the error code coming back from FireFox? has changed, I …
7:51 PM Ticket #18465 (JsonRest add put issue) closed by ben hockey
invalid: Replying to coke.lightware: > Example: > I have a table …
1:43 PM Ticket #18466 (CurrencyTextBox does not warn on leading spaces when entering a number ...) created by Clement Mathieu
In English local you can't start a number in CurrencyTextBox? with a …
1:18 PM Ticket #18465 (JsonRest add put issue) created by coke.lightware
When you define a jstonrest store with an idproperty, and later you …

Jan 20, 2015:

5:30 PM Ticket #18463 (dojox/rpc/Rest is leaking an "index" global in 1.6.x build.) closed by Christophe Jolif <[email protected]…>
fixed: In 1a0d6a87f3c304e207ec66e2c2e677841686c576/dojox: […]
1:44 PM Ticket #18440 (Need support for computed property) closed by Ed Chatelain <[email protected]…>
fixed: In 3c495074e5e20159f3aeda7c188e3ac8cd09ce64/dojox: […]

Jan 19, 2015:

4:49 PM Milestone 1.8.10 completed
4:49 PM Milestone 1.9.7 completed
2:39 PM Ticket #18463 (dojox/rpc/Rest is leaking an "index" global in 1.6.x build.) created by Clement Mathieu
When built with 1.6.x, dojox/rpc/Rest code is transformed to something …
4:41 AM Milestone 1.10.4 completed

Jan 17, 2015:

1:04 AM Ticket #18460 (dojo.config.extraLocale gets mutated in dojo >= 1.7.0) created by globin
This is a breaking change compared to 1.6.* The locale to load gets …

Jan 16, 2015:

6:55 AM Ticket #18458 (dojox.calendar.calendar startTimeAttr not work) created by vtsuper
it works perfect in the following case. […] but it fail once I …[…]

Jan 15, 2015:

9:18 PM Ticket #18457 (on.selector throws an error for event handlers registered on document) created by chris2m
Example: on(document, on.selector('.modal', 'focusin'), function (e) …
5:23 PM Ticket #18456 (multi-row headers with scrolling views does not render correctly) created by worenklein
If you have two views and a multi-row format, any scrolling view will …
10:00 AM Ticket #18455 (dojo/parser wrongly caches constructor with relative MID as key) created by adros
dojo/parser caches constructors in '_ctorMap' object and uses strings …

Jan 14, 2015:

7:52 PM Ticket #18435 (Support toggling CSS class with widget's "attribute mapping" mechanism) closed by Akira Sudoh <[email protected]…>
fixed: In 6600e44ab728272418fd2dea2a7f1ccf07f28d74/dijit: […]
5:59 AM Ticket #18454 (FilteringSelect Dropdown width) created by Serge
Problem relates to using a FilteringSelect? with a Memory store. If …

Jan 13, 2015:

12:46 PM Ticket #17247 (Custom labelFunc on plot2d not working) closed by cjolif
duplicate: Duplicate of #17477.

Jan 12, 2015:

11:37 PM Ticket #18453 (Some dgrid Keyboard Listeners do not work in IE10 and IE11.) closed by bill
invalid: OK. Well, please file against …
9:58 PM Ticket #18453 (Some dgrid Keyboard Listeners do not work in IE10 and IE11.) created by cerwin
There seems to be in issue in IE10 and IE11 where the dojo.on(KeyDown?) …
3:47 PM Ticket #18452 (dojox/validate/regexp limits top-level domain name length to 8 characters) created by thaskins
The technology domain fails url validation due to its length. It is a …

Jan 11, 2015:

1:32 PM Ticket #18451 (Intern instructions are wrong for local proxy) created by dylan
Instructions refer to using Grunt rather than npm. Pull request coming.
1:26 PM Ticket #18450 (Update committer workflow to reference running tests with Intern) created by dylan
Should http://livedocs.dojotoolkit.org/developer/github be updated to …
1:15 PM Ticket #18314 (Example for dojo/on has incorrect argument mapping to require statement) closed by dylan
fixed: Fixed via 1e0b71ddaf402d06dd916ce3e7009f3ab774b5dc Backported to 1.10 …

Jan 9, 2015:

5:53 PM Ticket #18449 (text cursor in dijit/form/CheckBox after clicking on iOS8 (dijit 1.8)) created by Nick Nisi
To reproduce, checkout dojo and dijit 1.8 branch, then load …
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