Jul 30, 2005:

3:28 AM Ticket #36 (was spam) closed by alex

Jul 29, 2005:

11:05 PM Ticket #50 (Widget voodoo) created by david
When you are attempting to make a widget and things aren't working you …

Jul 28, 2005:

6:49 PM Ticket #15 (CSS does not set text color on Dojo front page.) closed by alex
fixed: (In [973]) closes #15
4:27 PM Ticket #49 (This is a test ticket) closed by alex
invalid: if you wish to file a bug on the project, please use Trac to do so. If …
4:22 PM Ticket #49 (This is a test ticket) created by joe blow
Help !! Something is going wrong !!
6:33 AM Ticket #48 (load event called before widgets are completely initialized - IE only) created by [email protected]
I tested my load event ("init") this way: …
12:46 AM Ticket #47 (when should the * syntax be used?) created by psowden
dojo.require("dojo.xml.htmlUtil"); works but …

Jul 27, 2005:

9:57 PM Ticket #46 (Subwidgets appear in type-order not order in which they are listed in HTML) created by [email protected]
[edited] quote from Alex on IRC discussion: slightlyoff: So here's …

Jul 26, 2005:

10:48 PM Ticket #45 (Request dj_debug output the contents of exception objects passed as ...) created by [email protected]
dj_debug dumps it's arguments as strings. Would be nice if it output …
5:20 PM Ticket #44 (Request syntax sugar for pushing an onLoad event listener) created by [email protected]
We have these options for adding a load-time event listener: …
1:31 AM Ticket #4 (Trac view/edit control) closed by alex
fixed: basic permissions have been added.

Jul 25, 2005:

10:55 PM Ticket #28 (Compression kills object literals) closed by alex
fixed: fixed with #943

Jul 24, 2005:

10:16 PM Ticket #43 (Object declaration doesnt strip spaces in widget assignment) created by Fredrik Johansson fredrik.j at bredband.net
Puzzeling subjectline I now.. What I mean is this: If I declare a …
2:06 AM Ticket #42 (postInitialize barfs if templateNode unset and domNode replaced manually) created by psowden
I think this might happen whether or not you set templateNode, …

Jul 22, 2005:

8:40 PM Ticket #41 (query args directly appended to io.bind URL makes io.bind not work) created by manzoid
e.g., assigning this to an io.bind formNode works... <form …

Jul 20, 2005:

10:53 PM Ticket #40 (refactor widget registration and module namespace declaration as ...) created by alex
see: …
10:23 PM Ticket #39 (incorrect include paths in fast_widget_authoring.rest) created by [email protected]
... they all reference /~alex/. It seems like they should be …
9:15 PM Ticket #38 (module prefixing doesn't work as advertised) created by alex
see: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.dojo.user/523

Jul 18, 2005:

10:40 PM Ticket #37 (setting a property for a widget to false keeps it as a boolean) closed by alex
wontfix: this is a feature, not a bug (I've always wanted to say that in a bug …
10:32 PM Ticket #37 (setting a property for a widget to false keeps it as a boolean) created by dylan
For a widget, if you set a default value for a property to false, i.e. …
4:29 PM Ticket #36 (was spam) created by anonymous

Jul 16, 2005:

6:30 AM Ticket #35 (incorrect log10 implementation) created by Dmitry
Hello, your javascript log10 implementation could lead to rounding …

Jul 12, 2005:

11:21 PM Ticket #34 (gracefully handle the case where xmlhttprequest is not available in PCIE) created by [email protected]
gracefully handle the case where xmlhttprequest is not available in …
11:17 PM Ticket #33 (widget parsing currently requires a parent) created by dylan
The current parsing of widgets needs some refactoring as it currently …
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9:37 PM Ticket #32 (Package manager isn't correctly identifying when it has a package loaded) created by david
Packages are still being pulled in (mostly just the package.js …

Jul 11, 2005:

10:21 PM Ticket #31 (refactor to allow primitive-only DND) created by [email protected]
i.e., allow DOM nodes to be easily specified as source/target w/o …

Jul 6, 2005:

8:33 PM Ticket #30 (context menu should be thin wrapper around menu) created by alex
The context menu should inherit from the normal menu class and just …
8:30 PM Ticket #29 (dojo makes debugging un-necessarialy difficult) created by alex
Dojo's package system handles module dependencies (and quite nicely, I …
1:08 AM Ticket #28 (Compression kills object literals) created by david
It converted the following: {email: email} to: {_796, _796} which …
12:57 AM Ticket #27 (IE event cancelling broken) closed by anonymous

Jul 5, 2005:

11:32 PM Ticket #27 (IE event cancelling broken) created by david
IE Event cancelling through the stopPropagation() and/or …
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3:41 PM WikiStart edited by anonymous

Jul 3, 2005:

9:28 PM Ticket #26 (dojo.io.bind doesnt allow gettings files from harddrive only through a ...) created by [email protected]
I couldnt get your test_combobox.html to work until I tried to upload …

Jul 1, 2005:

11:42 PM Ticket #25 (getWidgetsByFilter only calls filter once) created by dylan
dojo.webui.widgetManager.getWidgetsByFilter seems to only call a …
10:33 PM Ticket #24 (Safari can't serialize sub-documents that aren't from HTML, and API is ...) created by alex
Safari has nothing (although Aaron and Erik advise that Google's XPath …
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