Jul 11, 2005:

10:21 PM Ticket #31 (refactor to allow primitive-only DND) created by [email protected]
i.e., allow DOM nodes to be easily specified as source/target w/o …

Jul 6, 2005:

8:33 PM Ticket #30 (context menu should be thin wrapper around menu) created by alex
The context menu should inherit from the normal menu class and just …
8:30 PM Ticket #29 (dojo makes debugging un-necessarialy difficult) created by alex
Dojo's package system handles module dependencies (and quite nicely, I …
1:08 AM Ticket #28 (Compression kills object literals) created by david
It converted the following: {email: email} to: {_796, _796} which …
12:57 AM Ticket #27 (IE event cancelling broken) closed by anonymous

Jul 5, 2005:

11:32 PM Ticket #27 (IE event cancelling broken) created by david
IE Event cancelling through the stopPropagation() and/or …
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3:41 PM WikiStart edited by anonymous

Jul 3, 2005:

9:28 PM Ticket #26 (dojo.io.bind doesnt allow gettings files from harddrive only through a ...) created by [email protected]
I couldnt get your test_combobox.html to work until I tried to upload …

Jul 1, 2005:

11:42 PM Ticket #25 (getWidgetsByFilter only calls filter once) created by dylan
dojo.webui.widgetManager.getWidgetsByFilter seems to only call a …
10:33 PM Ticket #24 (Safari can't serialize sub-documents that aren't from HTML, and API is ...) created by alex
Safari has nothing (although Aaron and Erik advise that Google's XPath …
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rv spammers (diff)

Jun 29, 2005:

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1:08 AM Ticket #23 (dojo.event.connect bug) created by antman
This doesn't work: dojo.event.connect(create, "onclick", this, …
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dumbass spammers (diff)

Jun 27, 2005:

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Jun 21, 2005:

8:52 PM Ticket #22 (dojo.event.connect doesn't throw error with first argument null) created by david
When I have the following: > dojo.event.connect(foo, "onSomething", …

Jun 17, 2005:

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Jun 16, 2005:

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