Mar 29, 2005:

11:02 AM Ticket #8 (Provide verbose names for XMLHttpRequest states) created by [email protected]
What about providing constants for the XMLHttpRequest states: […]

Mar 25, 2005:

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updating w/ new status and roadmap docs (diff)

Mar 22, 2005:

8:42 PM Ticket #7 (bind() behavior with formNode + url (+ method) not well defined) created by anonymous
In trying to work with the form handling features of dojo, I have a …

Mar 20, 2005:

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Mar 17, 2005:

2:10 AM Ticket #6 (References to 'blank.html') closed by alex
worksforme: So the [CURRENT DIR] that you refer to is controlled by the …

Mar 15, 2005:

7:34 PM Ticket #6 (References to 'blank.html') created by anonymous
There appear to be references to [CURRENT DIR]/blank.html which is not …

Mar 11, 2005:

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