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tab container broken — at Initial Version

Reported by: Jean-Rubin Leonard Owned by: anonymous
Priority: high Milestone: 1.4
Component: Dijit Version: 1.3.2
Keywords: tab container page undefined startup Cc: [email protected]
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Hi, recent changes seem to have broken my tab container. After debugging with D. Machi, we found out it was probably #19970. After reverting to #19969, code is running fine. The broken code creates a main dijit.layout.TabContainer?, to whihc some children tabcontainers are added as. It broke at the main tab container's startup with an error message: "page is undefined".

The code is the following: Create first level tabs

var tabObjectContainer = new dijit.layout.TabContainer?({title:"Objects config",id:"tabObjectContainer",tabPosition:"left-h",style:"width:100%; height:100%", region:"center",tabStrip:true});

Second level tabs

var ledger1 = new dijit.layout.TabContainer?({title:"Ledger I",id:"tabLedgers1",style:"width:100%; height:100%",tabPosition:"top",tabStrip:true});

We add the details tabs

var tabLedger1Accruals = new dijit.layout.TabContainer?({title:"Accruals ledger 1",id:"tabLedger1Accruals",style:"width:100%; height:100%",tabStrip:true}) ledger1.addChild(tabLedger1Accruals); ledger1.addChild(new dijit.layout.TabContainer?({title:"Cash flow ledger 1",id:"tabLedger1CashFlow",style:"width:100%; height:100%",tabStrip:true})); ledger1.addChild(new dijit.layout.TabContainer?({title:"Transfers ledger 1",id:"tabLedger1Transfer",style:"width:100%; height:100%",tabStrip:true})); ledger1.addChild(new dijit.layout.TabContainer?({title:"output ledger 1",id:"tabLedger1Output",style:"width:100%; height:100%",tabStrip:true}));"<div>This is an object. There is more than one ledger. Notice the two vertical ledgers (ledger I and ledger II).</div>"), tabLedger1Accruals.containerNode); tabObjectContainer.addChild(ledger1); ledger1.startup();

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