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Aug 21, 2009, 1:59:38 AM (12 years ago)

My description of how to reproduce the error was unclear, talked to Doug and explained it better and then he could reproduce it... updating description now.

There are three issues causing the problem:

  1. Clicking on the blank area of the screen on IE registers the current focus (dijit._curFocus) as as the <body>, or in the case of test_Menu.html, a <td> taking up 90% of the document, even though neither of those blocks is focusable. This is how the onactivate event works in IE. It would be better if that was just registered as a blur of the previously focused <input> etc. (if there was a previously focused <input>).
  2. Refocusing on the <body>/<td> causes the screen to scroll to the top of the <body>/<td>
  3. Also, restoring a bookmark to the <body>/<td>, even a collapsed bookmark, also causes the scroll. That's because on IE the bookmark contains more than just a selection.


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    initial v5  
    1 See test_Menu.html.  Scroll down the page, focus on an <input> or <textarea>, select some text, and then right click to get the context menu.   Select "Not checked" or any other choice from the context menu.
     1See test_Menu.html.  Scroll down the page and then right click to get the context menu (over a blank area of the page).   Select "Not checked" or any other choice from the context menu.
    3 Correct behavior: focus and selection restored.
    4 Actual behavior: page scrolled to top.
     3The page scroll jumps back to near the top.
    65Works correctly on FF3.5/mac but fails on IE6, IE7, and IE8.  The plain !FocusManager test works OK on IE though.