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featureDetection: Loader changes

Reported by: James Burke Owned by: dylan
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A ticket to go through the loader changes in the featureDetection branch and bring them in to the trunk.

From my initial reading of the code, I have some questions:

1) document.write() is used to load module files (before page load fires). This is similar to what the trunk's source version of dojo.js does, but expanded to all modules. This is a nice optimization, but it seems to break nested dojo.require calls? So, if file A.js has a dojo.require("B") in it, B.js will actually load after A.js. This will break things in A if it does something like a dojo.declare("A", [B]), where A is referencing B as part of A.js's loading.

What are your thoughts on that problem? The loader's ability to load dependencies in the right order is a main feature of the loader.

2) Using document.write without a function wrapper breaks multiversion support -- Dojo allows more than one version of Dojo in a page, and it accomplishes this by loading the module content and wrapping that content in a function wrapper where it passes in the dojo, dijit, dojox and any other desired custom namespaces as arguments to that function wrapper. In this way, the module is loaded into the right version of Dojo.

What are you thoughts on multiversion support?

3) The dojo.js in the source tree now contains functions, and some of the old files like bootstrap.js has been removed. Normally what happens in a build, dojo.js is replaced by a collection of bootstrap.js, the loader.js/loader_xd.js (if xd build) and a hostenv file.

How do you see that working in the new version? My first thought would be to treat what is mostly there in the dojo.js file as bootstrap.js file and revert to the old dojo.js.

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It probably doesn't apply, but in case this new document.write-oriented loading scheme starts creating both external and inline scripts, I want to remind about the IE6 ordering bugs in this area.

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This work is superceded by the AMD loader changes for 1.6 and 1.7.

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