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TableContainer + Textarea + TabContainer = Error on IE8 — at Version 2

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Priority: blocker Milestone: 1.9
Component: Dojox Version: 1.3.1
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this is my 3d and hopefully last bug for tonight (others are #9517 and #9518) -- it has been a rough week for some reason...

I am using Dojo Trunk (as of today)

And the combination of two dijit widgets and one dojox widget fails for me on IE8 with an error

if( != newH){ = = newH;

in textarea.js

This problem was quite challenging to reproduce in self-containing testcase. As it would not fail outside of my application, but failed every time when within.

Finally by switching different widgets/tests around I got a combination where textarea fails when included in the TableLayout container (may be it fails when it included in Tab container... do not).

So to get this to fail with an error in IE8, of course IE8 script debugging must be on.

And you need to have

tab container (dijit)

table container (dojox)

Textarea (dijit)

I am attaching a test case where it fails (you can rename it to html, but the links to dojo and style sheets of course need to change).

I am not quite sure what's happening but it appears that 'resize' call is issued by the Tablecontainer and then a resize of textarea is called and then the failure.

I need to note that this happens only on initial rendering of pages, not when I resize things after the page is shown also variable newH in textarea.js shows -36px while in IE8

This problem does not occur in Opera 10beta, FF3, Safari 4.0 on PC.

I have tried probably 50 various combinations of style settings, positions/etc on the text area -- but nothing helps -- I just have no idea what's going on.

I saw that there were changes in the textarea.js a couple of weeks ago in regards to Chrome/Opera? support (right around the area where the problem is hapenning) -- but I do not know for sure if this has anything to do with the problem.

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Milestone: 1.3.2tbd

Thanks for the tickets, and especially for the test cases. We'll take a look.

I'm guessing it has something to do w/the textarea being initialized hidden, and thus newH is 0 or negative or NaN...

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by bill

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Hmm, it's not reproducing for me, not sure what the difference is. I imagine it's a race condition. What is newH for you when it fails?

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