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0.3.1RC Firefox Widget Testcase Results

Reported by: Dustin Machi Owned by: anonymous
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Component: General Version: 0.2
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tests/widget/test_ContentPane.html - no tag handler registered for type: dojo: button

tests/widget/test_RemotePane.html - floating pane at bottom of page moves strangely when dragged from the bottom (and scrolling is present), presumably due to a dnd/scrolling bug

/tests/widget/test_ResizeableTextarea.html - funky resize behavior

tests/widget/test_Show.html - bullet that slides in has text piled on top of itself.

/tests/widget/test_Spinner.html - what is third spinner supposed to do? Accepts (turns green) for a integer, but then returns NaN when you try to spin on this correct? Same with last spinner.

tests/widget/test_SplitContainer_2.html - main split panel's "right bar" is padded from the right. Is this appropriate?

tests/widget/test_Toggler.html - the "window #3 w/shadow" item that is toggled by the circle 3 does not appear right when loaded. You have to grab the drag handle (which is above the title bar) and resize to fix it. The fix only lasts for that one toggle, breaks again on next show()

/tests/widget/test_Toolbar.html you can enable the Justification after toolbar has been disabled. Is this correct behavior?

tests/widget/test_Wizard.html - first wizard locks after you get to Tab three, all 4 buttons are enabled, but none are clickable

/tests/widget/test_validate.html - url validation doesn't accept "http://localhost" has a valid url (needs at least one period). Same goes for email

tests/widget/tree/test_Tree_5_1.html - DEBUG: dojo.widget.Parse: error: Permission denied to call method

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thanks so much for filing this report. I'll take them in order:

test_ContentPane.html: fixed. test_RemotePane.html: split out into #939 test_Show.html: this seems to be a problem on FF and Safari but not IE. split out into #940 test_Spinner.html: I think this behavior is OK. No validation type is set. test_SplitContainer_2.html: looks to be FF-specific. Works fine in IE and Safari. Breaking it out into #941 and assigning to 0.4. It doesn't block test_Toggler.html: very weird. I can prevent the broken behavior by changing the toggling code in HtmlWidget?.js, but I can't get modifications to the called code to have the same effect. I'm at a loss to understand where things are actually being manipulated in such a way as to set the height property of that node so wrongly. test_Toolbar.html: this appears to be the correct behavior test_Wizard.html: I'm not seeing the behavior your describe on IE, FF, or Safari test_validate.html: there's a local mode for matching that doesn't appear to be enabled on these tests. I think they're working as expected. test_Tree_5_1.html: the RPC url needs to be replaced to point at something sensible. It currenly specifies RPCUrl="http://tmp.x/5.php"

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