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Apr 5, 2010, 5:20:38 AM (12 years ago)

I think there are three separate issues conflated here:

  1. request to disable auto-scroll when (while dragging the dialog) mouse is near top or bottom edge of the viewport
  2. from the forum post, request [for option] to restrict dialog dragging within bounds of viewport, using constrainedMovable
  3. some other issue I see when moving the mouse to the right; even when autoscroll is disabled, having the dialog at the right makes the document wider, showing a horizontal scrollbar. Not such a big issue.

I have a patch for #1 which I'll attach, although I'm not sure I should check it in, maybe the auto-scroll is actually useful when there's a Dialog? In any case I don't see how the current behavior is a problem, maybe you can explain?

For #2, I don't see the urgency either, actually being able to move the Dialog partially off-screen is often important so the user can see the content behind the dialog.

As for #3 that doesn't seem important.

So, I'll leave this open to consider for 1.6, but will likely close as wontfix.


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    1212This problem is also stated in dojo forum:[[BR]]
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    1616This can be easily fixed by disabling dojo.dnd.autoScroll call in ../dojo/dnd/Mover.js [[BR]]