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#9009 closed defect (worksforme)

dojo._base.attr_map failure on firefox 3.0.6

Reported by: ferz Owned by: anonymous
Priority: high Milestone: tbd
Component: General Version: 1.3.0rc2
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Error: test timeout in ../../dojo/tests/_base/html.html::t::attr_map


(function attr_map(t) {var input = document.createElement("input");var ctr = 0;dojo.attr(input, {class: "thinger blah", tabindex: 1, type: "text", onfocus: function (e) {ctr++;}});dojo.body().appendChild(input);, dojo.attr(input, "tabindex"), "tabindex");"text", dojo.attr(input, "type"), "type");, ctr, "onfocus ctr == 0");doh.t(dojo.hasClass(input, "thinger"), "hasClass of thinger");doh.t(dojo.hasClass(input, "blah"), "hasClass of blah");var def = new (doh.Deferred);input.focus();setTimeout(function () {, ctr, "onfocus ctr == 1");input.blur();input.focus();setTimeout(function () {, ctr, "onfocus ctr == 2");def.callback(true);}, 10);}, 10);return def;})

FAILED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/html.html::t::attr_map 8 ms Error: test timeout in ../../dojo/tests/_base/html.html::t::attr_reconnect


(function attr_reconnect(t) {var input = document.createElement("input");var ctr = 0;dojo.attr(input, "type", "text");dojo.attr(input, "onfocus", function (e) {ctr++;});dojo.attr(input, "onfocus", function (e) {ctr++;});dojo.attr(input, "onfocus", function (e) {ctr++;});dojo.body().appendChild(input);"text", dojo.attr(input, "type"));, ctr);var def = new (doh.Deferred);input.focus();setTimeout(function () {, ctr);input.blur();input.focus();setTimeout(function () {, ctr);def.callback(true);}, 10);}, 10);return def;})

FAILED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/html.html::t::attr_reconnect 7 ms

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This page passes for me on Firefox 3.0.8 on OS X:

This one also passes, which at the moment is what will be shipped as the final 1.3.0 release:

If you are using the Firefox that has the DragonFly? user agent, try the nightly build link above.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by James Burke

Sorry, that first link in my previous comment should have been:

But the link to try is the link.

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