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Lightbox contains many errors

Reported by: Phil Bowles Owned by: dante
Priority: high Milestone: 1.4
Component: DojoX Widgets Version: 1.2.3
Keywords: child widget scope safari caching Cc:
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Description (last modified by dante)

code is from nightly build 2009-02-28

  1. it can't be a child widget, it incorrectly uses "startup" for construction. Moving that code to postCreate works fine.
  1. It changes the imgNode src attribute BEFORE dojo.connect'ing the onload open invitation to a well-documented caching bug. Moving that code after the connect works fine
  1. putting the blank gif in the src to "cure" a Safari bug causes another...from "out-of-scope" on the fadeout.end, the img onload is fired...and that code doesn't cope with the "correct" href but wrong size...a dirty hack to ignore the 1x1 onload and only disconnect the onload handler when a non 1x1 onload occurs seems to fix the problem:

the attached (VERY dirty) code works in IE7 FF Op and Saf both freestanding and as a child

	Copyright (c) 2004-2009, The Dojo Foundation All Rights Reserved.
	Available via Academic Free License >= 2.1 OR the modified BSD license.
	see: for details

if(!dojo._hasResource["dojox.image.Lightbox"]){ //_hasResource checks added by build. Do not use _hasResource directly in your code.
dojo._hasResource["dojox.image.Lightbox"] = true;


	dijit._Widget, {
	// summary:
	//	A dojo-based Lightbox implementation. 
	// description:
	//	An Elegant, keyboard accessible, markup and store capable Lightbox widget to show images
	//	in a modal dialog-esque format. Can show individual images as Modal dialog, or can group
	//	images with multiple entry points, all using a single "master" Dialog for visualization
	//	key controls:
	//		ESC - close
	//		Down Arrow / Rt Arrow / N - Next Image
	//		Up Arrow / Lf Arrow / P - Previous Image
	// example:
	// |	<a href="image1.jpg" dojoType="dojox.image.Lightbox">show lightbox</a>
	// example: 
	// |	<a href="image2.jpg" dojoType="dojox.image.Lightbox" group="one">show group lightbox</a>
	// |	<a href="image3.jpg" dojoType="dojox.image.Lightbox" group="one">show group lightbox</a>
	// example:	 
	// |	not implemented fully yet, though works with basic datastore access. need to manually call
	// |	widget._attachedDialog.addImage(item,"fromStore") for each item in a store result set.
	// |	<div dojoType="dojox.image.Lightbox" group="fromStore" store="storeName"></div>
	// group: String
	//		Grouping images in a page with similar tags will provide a 'slideshow' like grouping of images
	group: "",

	// title: String 
	//		A string of text to be shown in the Lightbox beneath the image (empty if using a store)
	title: "",

	// href; String
	//		Link to image to use for this Lightbox node (empty if using a store).
	href: "",

	// duration: Integer
	//		Generic time in MS to adjust the feel of widget. could possibly add various 
	//		durations for the various actions (dialog fadein, sizeing, img fadein ...) 
	duration: 500,

	// _allowPassthru: Boolean
	//		Privately set this to disable/enable natural link of anchor tags
	_allowPassthru: false,
	// _attachedDialg: dojox.image._LightboxDialog
	//		The pointer to the global lightbox dialog for this widget
	_attachedDialog: null, // try to share a single underlay per page?

	postCreate: function(){
//		console.warn("LB PostCreate");
		// setup an attachment to the masterDialog (or create the masterDialog)
		var tmp = dijit.byId('dojoxLightboxDialog');
			this._attachedDialog = tmp;
			// this is the first instance to start, so we make the masterDialog
			this._attachedDialog = new dojox.image.LightboxDialog({ id: "dojoxLightboxDialog" });
			// FIXME: full store support lacking, have to manually call this._attachedDialog.addImage(imgage,group) as it stands
			this.connect(this.domNode, "onclick", "_handleClick");

	_addSelf: function(){
		// summary: Add this instance to the master LightBoxDialog
			href: this.href,
			title: this.title

	_handleClick: function(/* Event */e){
		// summary: Handle the click on the link 
		if(!this._allowPassthru){ e.preventDefault(); }
		else{ return; };

	show: function(){
		// summary: Show the Lightbox with this instance as the starting point;

	disable: function(){
		// summary: Disables event clobbering and dialog, and follows natural link
		this._allowPassthru = true;

	enable: function(){
		// summary: Enables the dialog (prevents default link)
		this._allowPassthru = false; 


	dijit.Dialog, {
	// summary:
	//		The "dialog" shared  between any Lightbox instances on the page, publically available
	//		for programatic manipulation.
	// description:
	//		A widget that intercepts anchor links (typically around images) 	
	//		and displays a modal Dialog. this is the actual Dialog, which you can
	//		create and populate manually, though should use simple Lightbox's
	//		unless you need the direct access.
	//		There should only be one of these on a page, so all dojox.image.Lightbox's will us it
	//		(the first instance of a Lightbox to be show()'n will create me If i do not exist)
	//	example: 
	//	|	// show a single image from a url
	//	|	var url = "";
	//	|	var dialog = new dojox.image.LightboxDialog().startup();
	//	|{ href: url, title:"My Remote Image"});
	// title: String
	// 		The current title, read from object passed to show() 
	title: "",

	// FIXME: implement titleTemplate

	// inGroup: Array
	//		Array of objects. this is populated by from the JSON object _groups, and
	//		should not be populate manually. it is a placeholder for the currently 
	//		showing group of images in this master dialog
	inGroup: null,

	// imgUrl: String
	//		The src="" attribute of our imageNode (can be null at statup)
	imgUrl: dijit._Widget.prototype._blankGif,
	// errorMessage: String
	// 		The text to display when an unreachable image is linked
	errorMessage: "Image not found.",

	// adjust: Boolean
	//		If true, ensure the image always stays within the viewport
	//		more difficult than necessary to disable, but enabled by default
	//		seems sane in most use cases.
	adjust: true,

	// an object of arrays, each array (of objects) being a unique 'group'
	_groups: { XnoGroupX: [] },

	// errorImg: Url
	//		Path to the image used when a 404 is encountered
	errorImg: dojo.moduleUrl("dojox.image","resources/images/warning.png"),

	// privates:
	_imageReady: false,
	_clone: null, // the "untained" image
	_wasStyled: null, // indicating taint on the imgNode

	// animation holders:
	_showImageAnim: null,
	_showNavAnim: null,
	_animConnects: [],
	templateString:"<div class=\"dojoxLightbox\" dojoAttachPoint=\"containerNode\">\n\t<div style=\"position:relative\">\n\t\t<div dojoAttachPoint=\"imageContainer\" class=\"dojoxLightboxContainer\">\n\t\t\t<img dojoAttachPoint=\"imgNode\" src=\"${imgUrl}\" class=\"dojoxLightboxImage\" alt=\"${title}\">\n\t\t\t<div class=\"dojoxLightboxFooter\" dojoAttachPoint=\"titleNode\">\n\t\t\t\t<div class=\"dijitInline LightboxClose\" dojoAttachPoint=\"closeNode\"></div>\n\t\t\t\t<div class=\"dijitInline LightboxNext\" dojoAttachPoint=\"nextNode\"></div>\t\n\t\t\t\t<div class=\"dijitInline LightboxPrev\" dojoAttachPoint=\"prevNode\"></div>\n\t\t\t\t<div class=\"dojoxLightboxText\"><span dojoAttachPoint=\"textNode\">${title}</span><span dojoAttachPoint=\"groupCount\" class=\"dojoxLightboxGroupText\"></span></div>\n\t\t\t</div>\n\t\t</div>\n\t</div>\n</div>\n",

	postCreate: function(){
		// summary: Add some extra event handlers, and startup our superclass.

		console.warn("LB DIALOG STARTUP");
		this._animConnects = [];
		this._clone = dojo.clone(this.imgNode);
		this.connect(this.nextNode, "onclick", "_nextImage");
		this.connect(this.prevNode, "onclick", "_prevImage");
		this.connect(this.closeNode, "onclick", "hide");
		this._vp = dijit.getViewport();
		return this;

	show: function(/* Object */groupData){
		// summary: Show the Master Dialog. Starts the chain of events to show
		//		an image in the dialog, including showing the dialog if it is
		//		not already visible
		// groupData: Object
		//		needs href and title attributes. the values for this image.
		var _t = this; // size

		// we only need to call if we're not already open.
				dojo.connect(, "onscroll", this, "_position"),
				dojo.connect(, "onresize", this, "_position"),
				dojo.connect(dojo.body(), "onkeypress", this, "_handleKey")
			// ugly fix for IE being stupid:
			_t.imgNode = dojo.clone(_t._clone);,_t.imageContainer,"first");
			_t._wasStyled = false;
//		_t._imageReady = false; 
		// THIS IS BOGUS!!! we MUST connect first to avoid caching problem!!!
		// connect to the onload of the image
		_t._imgConnect = dojo.connect(_t.imgNode, "onload", _t, function(){
			console.warn("LB imgNode onload",_t.imgNode.src,_t.imgNode.width,_t.imgNode.height);																			 
			if(_t.imgNode.width==1 && _t.imgNode.height==1) console.warn("BOGUS LOAD EVENT ",_t.imgNode.src);
	//			_t._imageReady = true;
					w: _t.imgNode.width,
					h: _t.imgNode.height,
				// cleanup
				if(_t._imgError){ dojo.disconnect(_t._imgError); }
		// listen for 404's:
		_t._imgError = dojo.connect(_t.imgNode, "onerror", _t, function(){
			// trigger the above onload with a new src:
			_t.imgNode.src = _t.errorImg;
//			_t._imageReady = true;
			_t.textNode.innerHTML = _t.errorMessage;

		console.warn("LBD...SETTING imgNode src=",groupData.href);																			 
		_t.imgNode.src = groupData.href;
		if(( && groupData !== "XnoGroupX") || _t.inGroup){ 
				_t.inGroup = _t._groups[(];
				// determine where we were or are in the show 
					if(g.href == groupData.href){
						_t._positionIndex = i;
				_t.imgNode.src = _t.inGroup[0].href;
			// FIXME: implement titleTemplate
			_t.groupCount.innerHTML = " (" +(_t._positionIndex+1) +" of "+_t.inGroup.length+")"; = "visible"; = "visible";
			// single images don't have buttons, or counters:
			_t.groupCount.innerHTML = ""; = "hidden"; = "hidden";
		_t.textNode.innerHTML = groupData.title;
		if(!_t._imageReady || _t.imgNode.complete === true){

			// onload doesn't fire in IE if you connect before you set the src. 
			// hack to re-set the src after onload connection made:
//			if(dojo.isIE){ _t.imgNode.src = _t.imgNode.src; }
			_t.imgNode.src = _t.imgNode.src;

			// do it quickly. kind of a hack, but image is ready now
			console.warn("LBD was a quickie");																			 
			_t.resizeTo({ w: _t.imgNode.width, h: _t.imgNode.height, duration: 1 });

	_nextImage: function(){
		// summary: Load next image in group
		if(!this.inGroup){ return; }
		if(this._positionIndex + 1 < this.inGroup.length){
			this._positionIndex = 0;

	_prevImage: function(){
		// summary: Load previous image in group
			if(this._positionIndex == 0){
				this._positionIndex = this.inGroup.length - 1;

	_loadImage: function(){
		// summary: Do the prep work before we can show another image;

	_prepNodes: function(){
		// summary: A localized hook to accompany _loadImage
//		this._imageReady = false;{
			href: this.inGroup[this._positionIndex].href,
			title: this.inGroup[this._positionIndex].title

	resizeTo: function(/* Object */size){
		// summary: Resize our dialog container, and fire _showImage
		// 22 == current styled margins or paddings, can calculate programatically if needed
		var adjustSize = ((dojo.boxModel == "border-box")) ? 22 : 0;
		if(this.adjust && (size.h + adjustSize + 80 > this._vp.h || size.w + adjustSize + 50 > this._vp.w)){
			size = this._scaleToFit(size);
		var _sizeAnim = dojox.fx.sizeTo({ 
			node: this.containerNode,
			duration: size.duration||this.duration,
			width: size.w + adjustSize, 
			height: size.h + 30 + adjustSize

	_showImage: function(){
		// summary: Fade in the image, and fire showNav;

	_showNav: function(){
		// summary: Fade in the footer, and setup our connections.;

	hide: function(){
		// summary: Hide the Master Lightbox
			node: this.titleNode, 
			duration: 200,
			onEnd: dojo.hitch(this,function(){
				// refs #5112 - if you _don't_ change the .src, safari will _never_ fire onload for this image
				// ...but you also fire your own "onload"...from out-of-scope wand it doesn't handle the 1x1 gif!!!
				this.imgNode.src = this._blankGif; 


		this.inGroup = null;
		this._positionIndex = null;

	addImage: function(child, group){
		// summary: Add an image to this Master Lightbox
		// child: Object
		//		The image information to add.
		//		href: String - link to image (required)
		// 		title: String - title to display
		// group: String?
		//		attach to group of similar tag or null for individual image instance
//		console.warn("LB DIALOG addImage",child.href,group);
		var g = group;
		if(!child.href){ return; }
				this._groups[g] = [];
		}else{ this._groups["XnoGroupX"].push(child); }

	_handleKey: function(/* Event */e){
		// summary: Handle keyboard navigation internally
		if(!{ return; }

		var dk = dojo.keys;
		var key = (e.charCode == dk.SPACE ? dk.SPACE : e.keyCode);
			case dk.ESCAPE: 
				this.hide(); break;

			case dk.DOWN_ARROW:
			case dk.RIGHT_ARROW:
			case 78: // key "n"
				this._nextImage(); break;

			case dk.UP_ARROW:
			case dk.LEFT_ARROW:
			case 80: // key "p" 
				this._prevImage(); break;
	_scaleToFit: function(/* Object */size){
		// summary: resize an image to fit within the bounds of the viewport
		// size: Object
		//		The 'size' object passed around for this image
		var ns = {};

		// one of the dimensions is too big, go with the smaller viewport edge:
		if(this._vp.h > this._vp.w){
			// don't actually touch the edges:
			ns.w = this._vp.w - 70;
			ns.h = ns.w * (size.h / size.w);
			// give a little room for the titlenode, too:
			ns.h = this._vp.h - 80;
			ns.w = ns.h * (size.w / size.h);

		// trigger the nasty width="auto" workaround in show()
		this._wasStyled = true;

		// we actually have to style this image, it's too big
		var s =;
		s.height = ns.h + "px";	
		s.width = ns.w + "px";

		ns.duration = size.duration;
		return ns; // Object

	_position: function(/* Event */e){
		// summary: we want to know the viewport size any time it changes
		this._vp = dijit.getViewport();
	_makeAnims: function(){
		// summary: make and cleanup animation and animation connections
		dojo.forEach(this._animConnects, dojo.disconnect);
		this._animConnects = [];
		this._showImageAnim = dojo.fadeIn({
				node: this.imgNode,
				duration: this.duration
		this._animConnects.push(dojo.connect(this._showImageAnim, "onEnd", this, "_showNav"));
		this._loadingAnim = dojo.fx.combine([
				dojo.fadeOut({ node:this.imgNode, duration:75 }),
				dojo.fadeOut({ node:this.titleNode, duration:75 })
		this._animConnects.push(dojo.connect(this._loadingAnim, "onEnd", this, "_prepNodes"));
		this._showNavAnim = dojo.fadeIn({ node: this.titleNode, duration:125 });


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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by dante

Description: modified (diff)

so regarding 1) I'm not sure what that means, could you please explain further. 2) can you point to some documentation about what you are talking about? I intentionally re-set the .src to allow onload to fire in IE, which is probably me working around the way the widget was designed vs this caching thing you speak of and 3) again I'm not clear what is wrong there. Is the 1.3b3 lightbox throwing errors in safari? I'm not seeing it with Saf 4beta at

also, you will need to supply whatever changes you have made in .diff format attached to this ticket. pasting the entirety of a built version of lightbox.js doesn't allow for any review. unpack a -src version of 1.3 (or svn trunk) and use that.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by dante

Milestone: tbd1.4

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by dante

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

I believe all of these to be fixed in [17205] ... please reopen individual tickets should any of the above persist. I significantly reduced to onload logic, and seems to have worked out. blankGif is being uses. please test the newest version in trunk.

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