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Grid + "tabs" freezes/crashes IE 7.0

Reported by: nirre Owned by: Bryan Forbes
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Component: DojoX Grid Version: 1.2.2
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I hope I can explain this in a good way :| please bare with me ...

I have a grid whith the header context menu enabled (doesnt work if i disabled that code).

When I use a grid with Dojo tabcontainer or jQuery UI tabs the grid freezes IE 7.0 and the cpu goes to 100% - after a while you get the "do you want to stop the script". The grid works in the first active tab but not when the grids have been "hidden" in the inactive tabs.

What happens is when you move the mouse over the headers a couple of times it freezes IE.

I can recreate it easily in IE. I have tried disabling every addition I have made but it still does not work. I will try to exemplify it with some code.

It works fine in FF 3.0.x.

I attached a video to exemplify.

If you have any questions -> [email protected]

Regards Niclas

<div dojoType="" jsId="gridStore_compContacts" url="grid" requestMethod="get">
	<div class="soria">

		<div class="mfDojoGridPartsContainer" style="height: 200px;">
			<div class="mfDojoGridContainer" style="height: 200px;">
				<table columnReordering="true" id="mfDojoGrid_compContacts" jsId="mfDojoGrid_compContacts" dojoType="dojox.grid.DataGrid" store="gridStore_compContacts" headerMenu="gridMenu_compContacts" autorender="false" rowsPerPage="30" query="{view: 'compContacts', orConditions:'', andConditions:'', bofQuery: '${state.contactsQuery}'}">

							<th field="c__NUMBER" hidden="true" width="51px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.NUMBER">ID</span>

							<th field="c__NAME" hidden="false" width="207px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.NAME">Namn</span>

							<th field="c__SOURCE" hidden="true" width="148px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.SOURCE">K�lla</span>


							<th field="c__ACTIVE" hidden="true" width="75px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.ACTIVE">Aktiv</span>

							<th field="c__CUSTCAT" hidden="true" width="75px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.CUSTCAT">Prioritering</span>


							<th field="c__CUSTTYPE" hidden="true" width="75px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.CUSTTYPE">Kundtyp</span>

							<th field="c__TITLE_TEXT" hidden="false" width="119px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.TITLE_TEXT">Titel</span>

							<th field="c__DIRTEL" hidden="false" width="75px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.DIRTEL">Direkttelefon</span>


							<th field="c__CARTEL" hidden="false" width="75px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.CARTEL">Mobiltelefon</span>

							<th field="c__SALESP" hidden="true" width="171px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.SALESP">Ansvarig</span>


							<th field="c__EMAIL" get="renderEmailLink" hidden="false" width="171px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.EMAIL">E-post</span>

							<th field="c__TEAM" hidden="true" width="75px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.TEAM">Team</span>

							<th field="c__WORKPLACE" hidden="true" width="130px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="c.WORKPLACE">Butik</span>


							<th field="w__NAME" hidden="true" width="168px">
								<span class="mfGridHeaderLabel" id="w.NAME">Namn</span>


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after a whole you will get the "should internet explorer stop the script" display.

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after a whole you will get the "should internet explorer stop the script" display.

comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by nirre

It seems that if I use a ItemReadStore? the grid does not have the above stated problem. However when I use QueryReadStore? IE "freezes" after some "jiddering" with the columns..?

I have also tried this with the custom build from the grid 1.2 article - all the examples use ItemReadStore? (for obvious reasons) and when I pop in that in my page (still using the exact code) it works. When I change from ItemReadStore? to QueryReadStore? (w the demo code) the grid freezes IE.

I have also tried to not send any parameters (w the query attribute) with the call to my servlet via the queryReadStore, but no luck.

I think it is very strange behaviour - does the grid behave dirrently depending on data store ? Why the columns.. (I have tried to disable dnd and headermenu also)?

Regards Niclas

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by nirre

After a fairly long debugging session I came up with the following: -The actual error is when I try to use the attribute hidden. If I remove the hidden attribute I cannot recreate the freeze error. -I can use the width attribute in my markup. -It only occurs when I use QueryReadStore? for some reason. -It seems this has nothing to do with tabs. -It still only freezes IE.

Maybe I should trash this ticket an create another one since my initial thought very wrong.

Regards Niclas

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