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May 22, 2009, 6:35:05 AM (12 years ago)
Eugene Lazutkin

Replying to jburke:

  1. Yeah it is really bad. Any ideas? I didn't like the idea of attaching unique IDs to the nodes, but maybe adding a custom attribute with an ID on it would allow us to keep a hash/dictionary to weed out duplicates. I didn't like all that DOM twiddling, but it may be better than dojo.indexOf. The dojo.query _zip function might be instructional, but I have not fully digested it.

Yes, I think that Alex' solution is the most practical one. _zip looks complicated because Alex deals with IE XML. If we are to restrict the code to HTML it'll be simple. A sketch:

//private variables
var expandoName = "_dojoMarker", expandoValue = 0;

// the function
var _getUniqueAsNodeList = function(nodes){
  var ret = [], i = 0, node;
  // collect unique nodes using expando properties
  while(node = nodes[i++]){
    if(node.nodeType == 1 /*NODE*/){
      if(node[expandoName] !== expandoValue){
        node[expandoName] = expandoValue;
  // optional: cleanup
  for(i = 0; node = ret[i++];){
    delete node[expandoName]; // does it work on all browsers?
    // alternative: node[expandoName] = "";
  return ret;

Alex doesn't clean up in his code opting for the smaller code base, and the faster execution at a price of a small baggage left on nodes. I think like usual he did the right choice.

In my code I decided to use the expando name, which tells that it came from Dojo. We can reuse his "_zipIdx".


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