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Programmatic Creation of FormWidget clobbers name attribute — at Initial Version

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Component: Dijit Version: 1.2.0
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For form widgets like diji.form.TextBox? the name attribute seems to get clobbered even when the template suggests that ${name} should be token-replaced. The cause appears to be that _FormWidget declares a 'name' property with a default value of "". However, the original dom element is never inspected for a specified name attribute. This may also be the case for other attributes which have specified defaults in _FormWidget like 'alt' and 'tabIndex'.

For Example

    dojo.addOnLoad(function() {
    var valTB = new dijit.form.ValidationTextBox({
        title: 'Validating Text Box',
        regExp: "[\\w]+",
        required: true,
        invalidMessage: "That won't work!"

 <input id="someTb" name="someTb" class="long" type="text" tabIndex="4" alt="some alternate text"/>


<input type="text" name="" autocomplete="off" dojoattachevent="onfocus:_update,onkeyup:_update,onblur:_onMouse,onkeypress:_onKeyPress" dojoattachpoint="textbox,focusNode" class="dijitReset" id="rtsPhrase" tabindex="0" aria-required="true" aria-invalid="true" value=""/>

This only happens when the widget is created in programmatic fashion. The name attribute is properly maintained when the TextBox? is created in the declarative (in-line HTML) way.

Two (naive) workarounds

One way around this seems to be to override postMixInProperties and manually copy pertinent attributes from this.srcNodeRef. Something like:

 if(this.srcNodeRef && { =;

Alternatively, one can specify the name by including it in the constraints passed at widget construction time, but it doesn't seem like this should be necessary - it tends to lead to repeating myself (not very "DRY").

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