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[dojox.layout] ScrollPane doesn't layout properly when containing dynamic contents

Reported by: stimy Owned by: dante
Priority: high Milestone: 1.13
Component: DojoX Layout Version: 1.2.1
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I've created a news widget that reads json data and is contained inside a dojox.layout.ScrollPane?. When initially loaded, the ScrollPane? isn't scrolling. The workaround I've found is to call layout() on the "_enter" event. That way, everytime the mouse enters the widget, it gets "layouted" again. Here is my code :

<!-- News Widget -->
<div dojoType="dijit.Declaration" widgetClass="News"
        	defaults="{store: 'store'}">
    <div dojoAttachPoint="newsNode"></div>
    <script type="dojo/method" >
		this.getAllNews = function() {
			var store = new{url :});
			var newsNode = this.newsNode;					
				onBegin : function() {
				onError : function(errData, request) {
					console.debug("Error while retrieving news");
				onItem : function(item) {
					if (!store.hasAttribute(item, "endOfFile")) {
						// Titre
						var newsTitle = store.getValue(item, "newstitle");
						var titleNode = document.createElement("div");
						dojo.addClass(titleNode, "newsTitle");
						titleNode.innerHTML = newsTitle;
						// Date
						var newsDate = store.getValue(item, "newsdate");
						var dateNode = document.createElement("div");
						dojo.addClass(dateNode, "newsDate");
						dateNode.innerHTML = newsDate;
						// Text
						var newsText = store.getValue(item, "news");
						var textNode = document.createElement("div");
						dojo.addClass(textNode, "newsBody");
						textNode.innerHTML = newsText;	
						// Picture
						var newsMedia = store.getValue(item, "media");
						var mediaNode = document.createElement("div");
						dojo.addClass(mediaNode, "newsMedia");
						mediaNode.innerHTML = "<img src=\"img/" + newsMedia + "\" width=\"452px\"/>";, newsNode, "last");, newsNode, "last");, newsNode, "last");, newsNode, "last");
				onComplete : function(items, request) {		
<!-- Display -->
<div id="altStyle">
	<div id="scrollPane" dojoType="dojox.layout.ScrollPane" preventCache="true" style="width:470px; height:500px; padding-left:12px">
    	<script type="dojo/connect" event="_enter">
    	<!-- call the news widget declared above -->
        <div dojoType="News" store="ws/getNews.php"/>

And here is some json to test the widget...

{	"id" : "id",
	"label": "title", 
	"items": [
			"id": 1, 
			"title": "News 1", 
			"date": "21/11/2008",
			"text": "Some news.",
			"media": "img/mypicture1.jpg"
			"id": 2, 
			"title": "News 2", 
			"date": "21/11/2008",
			"text": "Some news.",
			"media": "img/mypicture2.jpg"
			"id": 1, 
			"title": "News 3", 
			"date": "21/11/2008",
			"text": "Some news.",
			"media": "img/mypicture3.jpg"

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calling layout that often probably isn't the best thing. there is something else wonky going on with scrollpane at the moment, will look for 1.4 hopefully.

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Given that no one has shown interest in creating a patch in the past 5+ years, I'm closing this as patchwelcome.

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