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Removing a tree and re-adding it to a ContentPane fails in 1.2.0 — at Initial Version

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Component: Dijit Version: 1.2.0
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In my code, I am creating a tree and when something changes in a critical section of my application, I am removing the old tree and adding a new one. The tree is attached to a ContentPane? or an ExpandoPane?. Well the ContenPane?.destroyDescendants() function in 1.2-0b1 was a direct call to it's parent - dijit._Widget.js - which does this: <code>

destroyDescendants: function(/*Boolean?*/ preserveDom){

summary: Recursively destroy the children of this widget

and their

descendants. preserveDom: If true, the preserveDom attribute is passed to

all descendant

widget's .destroy() method. Not for use with _Te



TODO: should I destroy in the reverse order, to go bottom up? dojo.forEach(this.getDescendants(), function(widget){






However in 1.2.0 and later, the ContentPane? does have a destroyDescendants() function which does this: <code>

destroyDescendants: function(){

summary: Destroy all the widgets inside the ContentPane? a

nd empty containerNode

Make sure we call onUnload TODO: this shouldn't be called when we are simply destroying

a "Loading..." message


dojo.html._ContentSetter keeps track of child widgets, so we

should use it to

destroy them. Only exception is when those child widgets were specified in

original page markup

and created by the parser (in which case _ContentSetter doesn

't know what the widgets

are). Then we need to call Widget.destroyDescendants(). Note that calling Widget.destroyDescendants() has various iss

ues (#6954),

namely that popup widgets aren't destroyed (#2056, #4980) and the widgets in templates are destroyed twice (#7706) var setter = this._contentSetter; if(setter){

calling empty destroys all child widgets as well as e

mptying the containerNode



this.inherited(arguments); dojo.html._emptyNode(this.containerNode);



With this new change, if I remove and re-add a tree to a ContentPane?, it fails to render.


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