id summary reporter owner description type status priority milestone component version resolution keywords cc blockedby blocking 7683 Grid in accordionPane KO kirlian Nathan Toone "Hello, when we have a grid in an accordionPane, we get the error : this.headerContentNode.firstChild is null the source code : {{{ Test Maquette Ecran }}} and the json used by the grid {{{ {""items"": [{""name"": ""arnaud"", ""placeofbirth"": ""Caen"", ""id"": 107, ""firstname"": ""ALE61""}, {""name"": ""arnaud"", ""placeofbirth"": ""hy"", ""id"": 99, ""firstname"": ""ALE60""}, {""name"": ""arnaud"", ""placeofbirth"": ""TEST97"", ""id"": 97, ""firstname"": ""ALE15""}], ""label"": ""id"", ""identifier"": ""id""} }}} Arnaud" defect closed high 1.3 DojoX Grid 1.2beta worksforme grid accordionPane