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Apr 29, 2008, 4:39:07 PM (13 years ago)
Adam Peller

Right. So I think the build is working properly, and you are required to serve up Dojo content with UTF-8 or strange things like this will happen. FWIW, you ought to be able to serve up different pages in Tomcat with different encodings. I know this is just another server configuration headache.

Rather than close this ticket out, I'm going to suggest we change it to suggest that shrinksafe have the option to turn off this behavior and leave the escapes in place. Treatment of \x00 might be independent of this. Whether the build system continues to assume UTF-8 would be a separate request, but I think it was a design decision to keep things simple by reducing options assuming as single encoding.


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    initial v4  
     1Provide a new switch on Shrinksafe to leave \xnn and \unnnn escapes in place, rather than replacing them inline.  It's a trade off of space savings vs. encoding headaches, and some may care more about the latter.
     6Original description below:
    18This affects many other aspects of dojo, like I18n.