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Mar 26, 2008, 3:07:09 AM (13 years ago)

OK - error on my part. The problem that I was seeing was specifically with dojox.form.DropDownSelect? - which is extended from dijit.form.DropDownButton? (hence the deprecation warning on that specific one). As I was tracing it back, I saw that the deprecation message was coming from dijit.form._FormWidget - and didn't notice that dijit.form._FormValueWidget overrides it.

Updating this issue to be specific to dojox.form.DropDownSelect?.


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    initial v3  
    1 Currently, dijit.form.Form's setValues() function just blindly calls "setValue" for each of its form widgets - however, some widgets (all form widgets, by default, in fact) have their setValue function deprecated in favor of using setAttribute("value").
    3 It's not a major issue (which is why I set the priority low) - and, in fact, all the "standard" dijit widgets work fine (since they all happen to set _getValueDeprecated to false).  The problem occurs with some of the dojox.form widgets - as well as custom-written widgets.
    5 I suggest keying off of the widget's _getValueDeprecated flag - the same one that is used to display the deprecation notice - and  calling setAttribute in the appropriate case.
     1dojox.form.DropDownSelect inherit from dijit.form.DropDownButton - and, as such, its setValue() function is deprecated in 1.1.  This needs to be changed so that the deprecation message doesn't happen.