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Aug 29, 2008, 12:10:51 AM (13 years ago)

I reproduced the problem; i see the nested <p> tags. Happens even after the refactor to not use iframes (as often)....

seems like a tough one to fix though, and I'm not sure what the practical ramifications are. Does the content produced on IE make FF fall over (i.e., if someone edits a document on IE, causing this problem, and them someone else views it on firefox).


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    44 2. Type a, hit enter, type b, hit enter.
    55 3. Highlight the a and make it bold (or any other markup).
    6  4. Highlight the enter line the b is on (so you get the newline).
    7  5. Paste next to the a.
     6 4. Highlight the b line so you get the newline.
     7 5. Copy
     8 6. Paste next to the a.
    910The result is arguably incorrect as you now have a bold a, bold b and regular b (each on their own line) when one would expect two regular b's. The exact spacing (two lines, three lines, etc) is debatable and completely irrelevant. The real problem, however, is the markup that is returned from getValue() is invalid. It is as follows: