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Issue with the method — at Initial Version

Reported by: guest Owned by: Adam Peller
Priority: high Milestone: 1.1
Component: Date Version: 1.0
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when calling the I am getting a javascript error

The following is the sample code

alert("encDate").value, {selector:'date'}));

The encDate is a date text box. The following is the error that I see in the firebug console

dateObject.getMonth is not a function (no name)("M")dojo.js (line 76) formatPattern("1/8/08", Object dateFormat-medium=MMM d, yyyy, "M/d/yy")dojo.js (line 42) toString()dojo.js (line 20) (no name)("M/d/yy", 0)dojo.js (line 494) toString(M/d/yy?, function(), undefined)dojo.js (line 20) _processPattern("M/d/yy", function(), function(), function())dojo.js (line 490) (no name)("1/8/08", Object selector=date)dojo.js (line 236) fetch(Object queryOptions=Object query=Object start=0)patControler.acti... (line 40) (no name)("")dojo.js (line 513) (no name)(mousedown clientX=0, clientY=0)dojo.js (line 496) toString()dojo.js (line 20) [Break on this error] undefined

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