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InlineEditbox renderAsHtml logical error when set to true using textareas — at Initial Version

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Component: Dijit Version: 1.0
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In InlineEditBox?.js at line 129 the renderAsHtml flag is used to determine whether to replace characters for wrapping and such. The line looks like this:

var editValue =

(this.renderAsHtml ? this.value : this.value.replace(/s*

? s*/g,"").replace(/<br/?>/gi, " ").replace(/&gt;/g,">").replace(/&lt;/g,"<").replace(/&amp;/g,"&"));

It appears to me that the true and false statements are in reverse order. The replacement characters occur if this.renderAsHtml == false when I believe the intent was to replace them if renderAsHtml is set to true. This causes textareas to destroy data in textareas wrapped in InlineEditBoxes?, as well as display them improperly.

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