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Bug in TreeV3 DnD for Dojo 0.4.3

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Component: Dijit Version: 0.4.2rc1
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Consider the following markup

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-W3CDTD HTML 4.01EN" ""> <html> <head> <title>Test</title>

<script type="text/javascript">

var djConfig = {isDebug: true};

</script> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/dojo.js"></script> <script language="JavaScript?" type="text/javascript">

dojo.require("dojo.widget.TreeV3"); dojo.require("dojo.widget.TreeNodeV3"); dojo.require("dojo.widget.TreeSelectorV3"); dojo.hostenv.writeIncludes();

</script> </head>

<body> <div dojoType="TreeBasicControllerV3" widgetId="controller"></div> <div dojoType="TreeDndControllerV3" controller="controller" widgetId="dndController"></div>

<div dojoType="TreeV3" widgetId="filesystem" DNDMode="onto" DNDAcceptTypes="filesystem" toggler="fade" sizeMin="20" sizeShare="20"

listeners="controller;dndController" expandLevel="2">

<div dojoType="TreeNodeV3" title="Êîðåíü">

<div dojoType="TreeNodeV3" title="Folder1">

<div dojoType="TreeNodeV3" title="Folder11" isFolder="true"></div> <div dojoType="TreeNodeV3" title="Folder12" isFolder="true"></div>



</div> </body> </html>

Notice that nodes Folder11 and Folder12 are marked with isFolder attribute although they don't contain subnodes. It is deliberate.

Drag node Folder12 onto Folder11. Folder12 still has a plus sign to the right of it. It's OK. Now drag Folder12 back onto Folder1. Now Folder12 is still a "folder", but Folder11 is not (no plus sign). In case when tree is expanded dynamically that will prevent from expanding Folder11 although it may have subfolders. Definitely isFolder attribute must be preserved during drag operations.

This behaviour was observed in both IE 7.0 and Firefox

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Hi, sorry, we're not fixing bugs in the 0.4 line anymore; please use 1.0.

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