id summary reporter owner description type status priority milestone component version resolution keywords cc blockedby blocking 5244 dojo._abs() returns wrong x-value when body is in RTL direction (IE6) guest Douglas Hays "i found this bug in IE6. it might be that it dose not exist in other vesions of IE. anyway, FF seems to work fine. the following is an example of an attempt to position a DIV over a TABLE: {{{ Insert title here

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

1---------- 2---------- 3----------
4---------- 5---------- 6----------
}}} it looks like there are 2 problems. first i guess there is a problem in dojo._fixIeBiDiScrollLeft, at the following line: {{{ return scrollLeft + de.clientWidth - de.scrollWidth; }}} replacment of ""de.scrollWidth"" with ""16"" (my scrollbar width) fix it: {{{ return scrollLeft + de.clientWidth - 16; }}} but, there is still another problem, when we have horizontal scrollbar. it dose not take the horizontal offset into account. BTW: dojo._isBodyLtr() assumes that the direction is never changed. i guess it has been done in such a way for performance reason... anyway, in the attached example, there are buttons to switch between RTL and LTR directions, so there is a workaround for this issue." defect closed high 1.4 HTML 1.0 fixed bidi hwcdl@…