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Nov 6, 2009, 3:36:23 PM (12 years ago)

This isn't working completely:

  • it's still not working on Safari4 [and FF3?]
  • setting disabled initially (as a parameter to the constructor) doesn't work, only setting it after initialization via attr("disabled", ...)
  • doing attr("tabIndex", "5") (for example) on a disabled slider will make the tab key navigate to the slider

The underlying issues are:

  • disabled is still in attributeMap even though there's a _setDisabledAttr() method in _FormWidget. It should be removed from attributeMap
  • the removeAttribute("tabIndex") call in _setDisabledAttr() should be changed to set tabIndex to -1, as removeAttribute("tabIndex") is buggy on safari4
  • if we allow changing the tabIndex after initialization then we need a _setTabIndexAttr() method too. That would also make the code more robust. Right now we are just "lucky" that the _setDisabledAttr() method is called after that code that applies tabIndex through attributeMap.

Anyway we should have a test case for an initially disabled slider.


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