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problem in Drag and Drop on click of top menu bar

Reported by: guest Owned by: Eugene Lazutkin
Priority: high Milestone: 1.0
Component: DnD Version: 0.9
Keywords: Drag and Drop on click of top menu bar Cc: eugene
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I have installed Dojo "dojo-release-0.9.0" version. I want to use Drag and Drop functionality of Dojo. I have used code related to "" example. As per this example the Drag and Drop is working fine onclick of anywhere on red/blue ball area. But my requiremnet is little different which is as follows : I am having top level menu bar for each and every red/blue ball and I want to drag and drop only on click of that top level menu bar Section , not on onClick of anywhere on red/blue ball area. Can anybody help. I am facing one more problem while drag and drop from any section(for ex source) to other section ( for ex: target 1 , target 2) the most of the part of page is getting selected. code used is as follows: <HEAD> <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"> <META name="GENERATOR" content="IBM WebSphere? Studio"> <TITLE>dndSample4.html</TITLE> <style type="text/css">

.target {border: 1px dotted gray; width: 300px; height: 300px;padding: 5px;

-moz-border-radius:8pt 8pt;radius:8pt;}

.source {border: 1px dotted skyblue;height: 200px; width: 300px;

-moz-border-radius:8pt 8pt;radius:8pt;}

.dojoDndItemOver {background: #feb;border: 1px dotted gray; } .dojoDndItemBefore {border-left: 2px dotted gray; } .dojoDndItemAfter {border-right: 2px dotted gray; } .target .dojoDndItemAnchor {border:1px solid gray;} .dojoDndAvatar {font-size: 75%; color: black;} .dojoDndAvatar td {padding-left: 20px; padding-right: 4px;height:20px} .dojoDndAvatarHeader {background: #ccc; background-repeat: no-repeat;} .dojoDndAvatarItem {background: #eee;} .dojoDndMove .dojoDndAvatarHeader {background-image: url(images/dndNoMove.png);} .dojoDndMove .dojoDndAvatarCanDrop .dojoDndAvatarHeader {background-image:


</style> <script type="text/javascript" src="../../dojo/dojo.js" djConfig="parseOnLoad: true"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> dojo.require("dojo.dnd.source"); dojo.require("dojo.parser"); </script> </HEAD> <BODY>

<table width="100%" border="1px" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="4"> <tR><td width="15%"> <div dojoType="dojo.dnd.Source" jsId="shelf" class="source" id="source1" accept="red,blue" singular=false>

<table border="1 px solid blue" id='twoTb' class="dojoDndItem" dndType="blue" dndData="" title="" >

<tr><td width="130px" style="background-color:skyblue"> <b>Top Menu Bar </b></td></tR> <tr><td >

<div id="l1" class="DIVcontainer" >

<div class="DIVinner" >


Test data1<br>Test data2<br>Test data3

<img src="RED.png" />






</div> </td>

<td > <div dojoType="dojo.dnd.Source" jsId="cart" class="target" accept="red,blue" id="target1" >


</td> </tr></table>


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comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by Eugene Lazutkin

Resolution: fixed
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(In [11082]) dnd: implemented optional drag handles for DnD items, added a test demonstrating the usage, fixes #4840, thx manishaNC for the suggestion.

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