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Oct 8, 2007, 4:37:14 PM (14 years ago)
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    11I'm not sure if the title is correct or not. Currently center pane has to be added last . This creates problems for tab order - the footer comes before the main content.  We discussed in Oct 8 dijit meeting:
    22wildbill: so the quick fix for LayoutContainer is to update layoutChildren() to allow the center piece to be anywhere in the dom order.  implementation-wise, just (copy and) modify the array so that it's last in the array order.
    34[10:46am] peller: wildbill: sounds good to me
    46[10:47am] becka11y: wildbill: not sure I follow - footer should be last ?
    58[10:47am] becka11y: (but I don't know anything about inner workings of layout container)
    610[10:47am] wildbill: yeah, i assume the designer wants to write markup like <div>  <header>  <center>  <footer>  </div>  right?
    712[10:47am] becka11y: right
    814[10:48am] wildbill: so allow that...
    916[10:48am] peller: I think wildbill is saying just modify the DOM so it looks like what it expects today
    1018[10:48am] peller: a little pre-processing step?
    1120[10:48am] wildbill: umm, not to modify the dom, but rather to support dom specified in the above way
    1222[10:50am] peller: wildbill: ok, I thought there was a reason you needed the client last?
    1324[10:50am] peller: wildbill: guess not?
    1426[10:51am] wildbill: the current implementation requires the client to be last.
    1528[10:51am] wildbill: therefore, i'm suggesting to change the implementation.
    1630[10:51am] wildbill: to remove that requirement
    1732[10:53am] peller: hmm. that's rewriting the widget
    1834[10:53am] peller: seems like a quicker hack to reorder the children
    1936[10:53am] peller: and safer, given the late date and code dependencies
    2038[10:53am] wildbill: i think it's just a 3 line code change
    2140[10:53am] peller: ok.
    22 [10:54am] peller: becka11y: is there a ticket in place for this?  if so, let's make a note of it and go on
    23 [10:54am] becka11y: peller: I'll create a ticket
    24 [10:55am] becka11y: who gets it?
    2542[10:55am] peller: if wildbill wants to share his 3 lines of code, I think either you or I should be able to handle this
    26 [10:55am] peller: wildbill: is "flood" used?
    27 [10:56am] wildbill: peller: hmm, well, probably not.
    28 [10:56am] peller: just curious
    2944[10:57am] wildbill:  layoutChildren() takes an array argument.  the 3 lines of code is to find the element(s) of type center and put them at the end of the array.  (but copy the array first)
    3046[10:57am] wildbill: s/put/move/
    3148[10:57am] peller: wildbill: ok, that's sorta what I was thinking.  just meant array, not dom order