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Nov 8, 2007, 5:58:00 AM (13 years ago)

Regarding what I said in comment 11, i.e. that the address bars in FF and IE don't have their lists as children of the combo box this should not be a reason to not try to fix this ticket. The address bars should be considered to be defective. Standard combo boxes like the one on the Start, Run dialog do have the associated list as a child of the combo box and the screen reader reads the n of m information. The n of m info is important to convey to the user when the combo box gets focus. BTW, The n of m info is not conveyed by a screen reader when moving through the list, therefore the problem description I originally provided was wrong. I updated it.

Mark, regarding your comment 13, the issue about a blank item is now ticket #4923 so please make that comment over there.


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    • Property Summary changed from FilteringSelect and ComboBox: screen readers not annoucing "n of m" information for the list to FilteringSelect and ComboBox: screen readers not annoucing "n of m" information
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    1 Go to and tab down to a !FilteringSelect widget, clear out all the data, use the arrow keys to move through the list, the screen reader is not telling the user how many items are in the list and which list item they are currently on.  This is because the browser is not recognizing that the user is in a list when using the arrow keys in the !FilteringSelect.
     1Go to and tab down to a !FilteringSelect widget.  When the widget gets focus the screen reader should announce the n of m information, e.g. "2 of 50" if the value of the combo box is Alaska and the combo box has 50 possible values.  The same behavior would be expected of a !ComboBox. 
    3 Also when focus first moves to a !FilteringSelect or !ComboBox the screen reader should be able to announce the n of m information.
     3If you have a screen reader you can see this behavior by going to the combo box in the Start, Run dialog.
     5The combo box in the Start, Run dialog conveys this information to the screen reader because of its MSAA hierarchical structure, i.e. the combo box has three children: the text box, the list, and the push button.  When focus first lands on the text box of the combo box the screen reader senses that it's in a combo box because there is a parent with role combobox.  It then can analyze the list (sibling of the text box) and know the size of the list from list's child count and which item is selected by iterating through the list items until it finds which list item has a state of selected.
     7In order for dojo to let the screen reader provide this valuable information to the screen reader the DOM will have to be structured such that a text object gets focus and it has a parent of wairole combobox and a sibling of wairole list (with children of wairole listitem).
    59Note: This ticket was originally about a blank item at the start of the list.  That issue is now covered by #4923.