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TreeNode events afterExpand and afterCollapse not published properly

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Component: Dijit Version: 0.9
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In dojo 0.9.0 release and Firefox 2. I'm trying to catch the 'afterExpand' event of a TreeNode?. After failing with this (code below), I dug into the dijit code and found out weird stuff. setChildren() of a TreeNode? looks like this:

setChildren: function(items){
                var ret = dijit.Tree.superclass.setChildren.apply(this, arguments);

                // create animations for showing/hiding the children
                this._wipeIn = dojo.fx.wipeIn({node: this.containerNode, duration: 250});
                dojo.connect(this.wipeIn, "onEnd", dojo.hitch(this, "_afterExpand"));
                this._wipeOut = dojo.fx.wipeOut({node: this.containerNode, duration: 250});
                dojo.connect(this.wipeOut, "onEnd", dojo.hitch(this, "_afterCollapse"));

                return ret;

// 'afterExpand' gets published here
_afterExpand: function(){
               this._publish("afterExpand", {node: this});       

dojo.connect() calls point to non-existing functions .wipeOut and .wipeIn (should be ._wipeOut and ._wipeIn I think).

Here's my attemp to catch the published events

var topics = [];
function treeEventHandler(/* Event Message */ message){
    if(message.event == "toggleOpen"){
        console.debug("treeEventHandler: caught toggleOpen event for node "+message.node); // appears accordingly, so far so good
        // Add topic for the opened node
            topics.push(dojo.subscribe(, null, nodeEventHandler));

function nodeEventHandler(/* EventMessage */ message){
    if(message.event == "afterExpand"){
        console.debug("nodeEventHandler: caught afterExpand for node "+message.node); // this never gets called
function init(){
    topics.push(dojo.subscribe("mytree", null, treeEventHandler)); // tree event for expanding a node

And here's my current workaround, which is just a rewrite of the current code, omitting calls to onShow/onHide and so on.

function init_tree_nodes(){
    var childNodes = dijit.byId("mytree").getChildren();
    dojo.forEach(childNodes, function(child, idx){
        // rewrite the nodes setChildren
        _this = child;
        child.setChildren = function(items){
            var ret = dijit.Tree.superclass.setChildren.apply(_this, arguments);

            console.debug("New setChildren called, creating animations.");
            // create animations for showing/hiding the children
            _this._wipeIn = dojo.fx.wipeIn({node: _this.containerNode, duration: 250});
            dojo.connect(_this._wipeIn, "onEnd", _this, _this._afterExpand);
            _this._wipeOut = dojo.fx.wipeOut({node: _this.containerNode, duration: 250});
            dojo.connect(_this._wipeOut, "onEnd", _this, _this._afterCollapse);

            return ret;
        child._afterExpand = function(){dojo.publish(, [{event: "afterExpand", node: _this, tree:_this.tree}]);};
        child._afterCollapse = function(){dojo.publish(, [{event: "afterExpand", node: _this, tree:_this.tree}]);};
        topics.push(dojo.subscribe(, null, nodeEventHandler));

function init(){

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comment:1 Changed 14 years ago by bill

In the newest version of tree we just don't publish those notifications at all (either via topics or connect points). Is there some reason you need to know when a node has finished loading and expanding?

comment:2 in reply to:  1 Changed 13 years ago by guest

Replying to bill:

In the newest version of tree we just don't publish those notifications at all (either via topics or connect points). Is there some reason you need to know when a node has finished loading and expanding?

Yes. I'm building my own DnD for Tree. I cannot apply the DnD classes to Tree nodes until they are actually created. I want to catch the event when they're done, and then modify the node classes. This applies to any class modifications anyone wants to do when TreeNodes? are being toggled open.

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by bill

Component: GeneralDijit
Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

Oh... well you don't really need topics for that (or for anything related to the tree). You can just connect to the appropriate functions in the tree code. But also, Dustin is working on DnD for the tree and will check in shortly.

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