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Object declaration doesnt strip spaces in widget assignment

Reported by: Fredrik Johansson fredrik.j at Owned by: alex
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Puzzeling subjectline I now..

What I mean is this:

If I declare a variable in my widgetclass like this

dojo.webui.widgets.Somewidget = function(){ = {bar:0, foo:1};


And then assign like this: <div dojoType="Somewidget" foo="bar:1; foo:2;" />

and then run this in Somewidget::fillInTemplate()


prints: {bar:1,foo:1,foo:2}

If I writes this instead: <div dojoType="Somewidget" foo="bar:1;foo:2;" />

I only have {bar:1,foo:2} in

I used Firefox 1.0.2 and konqueror 3.4.1, Kubuntu Linux

Hope you understand what I mean

/ Fredrik

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comment:1 Changed 17 years ago by fredrik.j at

Keywords: object parsing added

This solves this bug (Hopefully)

Changing line 211 in dojo.webui.widget revision 979

from this:

this[x][pairs[y].substr(0, si)] = pairs[y].substr(si+1);

to this:

this[x][dojo.text.trim(pairs[y].substr(0, si))] = pairs[y].substr(si+1);

/ Fredrik

comment:3 Changed 17 years ago by [email protected]

Resolution: fixed
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I suck at this. :)

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