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#4062 closed defect (wontfix)

infinite loop calling for getChildren in TreeRpcControllerV3.js

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Component: General Version: 0.4.2rc1
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I use the TreeV3 with the TreeRpcControllerV3 :

<div dojoType="TreeContextMenuV3" toggle="explode" contextMenuForWindow="false" widgetId="contextMenu">

<div dojoType="TreeMenuItemV3" treeActions="upload" iconSrc="images/downsmall.png" widgetId="treeContextMenuUp" caption="upload"></div> <div dojoType="TreeMenuItemV3" treeActions="createFolder" iconSrc="images/createsmall.gif" widgetId="treeContextMenuCreate" caption="createFolder"></div> <!-- <div dojoType="TreeMenuItemV3" treeActions="move" iconSrc="images/removesmall.png" widgetId="treeContextMenuDestroy" caption="move"></div> --> <div dojoType="TreeMenuItemV3" treeActions="refresh" iconSrc="images/refresh.gif" widgetId="treeContextMenuRefresh" caption="refresh children"></div> <div dojoType="TreeMenuItemV3" treeActions="metadata" iconSrc="images/check.gif" widgetId="treeContextMenuMetadata" caption="edit metadata"></div>

</div> <div dojoType="TreeEditor?" widgetId="editor"></div> <div dojoType="TreeSelectorV3" widgetId="selector"></div> <div dojoType="TreeRpcControllerV3" widgetId="treeController" RpcUrl?="SRB/SRBManageFiles" editor="editor"></div> <div dojoType="TreeToggleOnSelect?" selector="selector" selectEvent="dblselect" controller="treeController"></div> <div dojoType="TreeMetadataView?" selector="selector"></div> <div dojoType="TreeV3" listeners="treeController;contextMenu;selector" widgetId="tree_cs"></div>

as a file explorer, and I sometimes have an infinite loop, which sends request getChildren on leaf nodes of my tree.

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Resolution: wontfix
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We are no longer accepting patches or fixing bugs for the 0.4 branch of the code base. If you are looking for a tree control, please take a look at the Dijit Tree widget (Dijit 0.9+).

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Milestone: 0.4.4

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