id,summary,reporter,owner,description,type,status,priority,milestone,component,version,resolution,keywords,cc,blockedby,blocking 3973,dojo.require doesn't support base tag,guest,James Burke,"Using a base tag in html will ensure you are always able to use a site relative path for all dependencies. dojo.require fails if a base tag is used. maintenance -States.htm scripts dojo -dojo.js With this folder structure, the first require when loading States.htm (included below) is for the firebug.js in IE or lang.js for FireFox. dojo.require tries to get the code from .../maintenance/scripts/dojo/_firebug/firebug.js or .../maintenance/scripts/dojo/_base/lang.js. Looks like either the _getText in hostenv_browser.js or the constructor for dojo._Url in loader.js needs to change to check for a base tag. {{{ Test Page }}}",defect,closed,high,0.9,Loader,0.9,fixed,,alex,,