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Editor2 mangles src and href attribs inconsistently — at Initial Version

Reported by: guest Owned by: liucougar
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Component: Editor Version: 0.9
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My project requires the use of custom variables surrounded by curly brackets. These are sometimes placed inside src and href attributes of IMG and A tags. They would be produced in the dojo Editor2 html view as something like this:

<img src="{SITEURL}/images/myphoto.jpg" alt="..."/>
<a href="{SITEURL}/products/apples" alt="apples">Apples</a>

Its fine that these brackets get converted to url encoded strings (%7D and %7B) when saved to the database, however, the problem occurs when pulling them back out.

In Firefox all is well the content would be displayed as the following:

<img src="%7BSITEURL%7D/images/myphoto.jpg" alt="..."/>
<a href="%7BSITEURL%7D/products/apples" alt="apples">Apples</a>

However, in IE6 & IE7 the value gets prepended with a hard url under the covers.

<img src="" alt="..."/>
<a href="" alt="apples">Apples</a>

this wreaks havoc on end users that 1) will be making simple content changes without ever seeing the html view, 2) know nothing of the details of whats going on under the covers, and 3) insist on using their inferior browser of choice to make edits. The only solution ive found is to disable dojo editor for IE until this can be resolved.

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